How much does Magento 2 cost?

Magento Open Source (former Magento Community) 

This edition is available for free, but it has limited functionality compared to Commerce edition. Moreover, it comes without additional technical support. However, it suits individual entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses because it’s the cheapest way to check the features and logic of the platform. But you should keep in mind that to run a fully-fledged online store, you'll need to choose and install extensions.

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Learn more about Magento Open Source features from the official website. 

Magento Commerce (former Magento Enterprise), part of Adobe Commerce

Magento's cost per month starts at $1988.00. The pricing of the Magento Commerce depends on many factors and features, like hosted cloud and technical support you do or don't want to include. Explore this comparison table to learn more about Magento Commerce features, make your final choice and understand what Magento e-commerce cost consists of.

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