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How much does Magento 2 license cost?

Magento 2 has three types of licenses: Open Source, Commerce, and Commerce Cloud. Their price varies from 0 to $190,000 per year. Let’s see closely what the difference is and how much it will cost to launch an online store.

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Magento Open Source (former Magento Community) license

This edition is available for free, but it has limited functionality. Moreover, this edition doesn’t include any support. However, it suits the individual entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses because it’s the cheapest way to check the features and logic of the platform. But you should keep in mind that to run a store, you need to not only download and install Magento but also to find extensions that meet your needs.

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Magento Commerce (former Magento Enterprise) license

The pricing of the Magento Commerce (EE) license depends on your Gross Sales Revenue and the support type you choose. Magento 2 cost price ranges from $22,000 for companies with revenue up to $1 million to $125,000 for large businesses with total revenue over $25 million. These prices are for the annual license with golden support. The platinum support costs 20% more. This solution suits any business with traditional hosting environments.

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Magento Commerce Cloud license

Magento Commerce Cloud was launched in April 2016. It is an e-commerce platform as a service and includes Commerce license and cloud-based hosting. The pricing of Magento Commerce Cloud license also depends on your turnover. It varies from $40,000 to $190,000 per year. Thanks to the cloud hosting option, Commerce Cloud provides you with a seamless workflow even in case of heavy traffic. Both Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud are suitable for medium and large shops with a multi-product catalog.

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But Magento 2 license cost is not the only expense that you will have while making an online store. The total amount will also depend on:

  • Hosting. It’s price starts from $10 for open source websites and can reach over $500 per month for Magento Commerce users.
  • Theme. You can use a free theme or buy on the Magento Marketplace. The price extends between $29 and $499.
  • Extensions. The price of Amasty plugins starts from 49$;
  • Custom development.

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