How to activate the Magento 2 Business Intelligence account?

Magento Business Intelligence service is a cloud-based platform where you can gather and analyze statistical data of your e-commerce business. You can connect Business Intelligence, not only to the Magento system but also to any third-party CRM database. An account in the Magento Business Intelligence provides you with access to five dashboards and around 100 reports.

How to enable the Magento BI Essentials account?

Business Intelligence service is available for all Magento Commerce clients. You just need to activate your account. Let’s see how you can do it.

Magento Commerce Cloud Pro

Magento Commerce Cloud Pro subscribers can contact their Customer Success Managers to activate the Magento BI Essentials account.

Magento Commerce On-Premise

1. Log into your Magento backend and go to Reports > Business Intelligence > BI Essentials.
2. Select the needed option from the Your Annual GMV dropdown and click the Join Now button.
3. Log into your Magento account and go to My Account > My MBI Instances > Create Instance.
4. Choose the subscription and click Continue.
5. Fill in the registration form and continue.
6. Enter your billing data and click on the Submit button.
7. You will get your log-in credentials via email.

Magento Commerce Cloud Starter

If you have Magento Commerce Cloud Starter subscription, activate your Magento BI by following this instruction.

1. Log into your Magento account and navigate My Account > My MBI Instances > Create Instance.
2. Choose your type of subscription and Continue.
3. Enter the registration data, verify your email address, and create a password.
4. Fill in the info about your Magento 2 store.
5. Next, you need to create one more user here:
6. Set this user as a Contributor to your project.
7. Then you need to get MBI SSH keys. For this, navigate to the Connect your database page and find Encryption settings.
8. In the Encryption Type line, select SSH Tunnel.
9. Don’t forget to copy and save your Public Key.
10. Go back to your Contributor account and navigate to Account Settings > Add a public key. Enter the key that you have copied on the previous step.
11. Next, you need to update .magento/services.yaml and Then Run echo $MAGENTO_CLOUD_RELATIONSHIPS | base64 --decode | json_pp to get information on connecting your database.
12. After that, fill in the Connect your Magento database form in your account and choose your Timezone settings.
13. Then you need to enter your Encryption Settings. To get this data, check your SSH access. There you will find Remote Address and Username like in the picture below:
14. Save Integration.

For more information, check the official Magento guides.

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