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How to add a link to the top menu in Magento 2?

How to add a link to the top menu in Magento 2?

Adding a custom top link in Magento 2 is a complex task that requires coding skills. To add a link to Magento without programming skills, you can use the Mega Menu extension. It will allow you to easily make the necessary changes in the store’s menu, as well as significantly expand its functionality and customizability.

So how to add a custom link to the top menu in Magento 2 using this extension?
Step 1. Navigate to Content > Amasty Mega Menu > Custom Menu Items.

Step 2. Click the Add New Custom Item button.

Step 3. Now you need to complete the General section:


Step 3. The first thing you need to enter is Title.

Step 4. After that, choose the URL Key in the dropdown.

Step 5. Specify the Internal URL.

Step 6. Next, Choose the Status in the dropdown. 

Step 7. Then, select the Submenu Width in the dropdown.

Step 8. Write the Menu Label Text. 

Step 9. Define the Label Background Color (hexadecimal) and the Label Text Color (hexadecimal).

Step 10. When ready, click Save. 

Mega Menu extension will allow you to change the top Menu in Magento based on your needs, allowing you to add rank sections and links, including home ones. What's more, you can add CMS blocks, images, products, brands, links to the menu bar with its help. Besides, you can choose different menu layouts and visualize your store menu using icons. PWA for Mega Menu (Add-On) is available for this extension. It will allow you to improve navigation on your customers' mobile devices, thereby increasing sales through this channel.

You can also check a 3-min video tutorial on How to Create Mega Menu in Magento 2:

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