How to apply the Magento default theme?

What is the default Magento 2 theme?

Luma and Blank are the 2 default Magento themes or Magento default template. You can use them after installing Magento 2. Luma is a demo theme and Magento Blank theme is used to display your storefront for desktop and mobile devices. 

How to filter your Magento themes?

Step 1. Navigate to Content > Design > Themes and click Filters.
Step 2. Enter the ID range, theme name, folder path, or parent theme.
Step 3. Update the list of themes by clicking the Apply Filters button.

Hot to view the current Magento theme settings?

Step 1. Navigate to Content > Design > Themes.
Step 2. Find the theme you want to view or change and click on the corresponding line to show the settings.
Step 3. Сlick the Theme Preview Image to see a sample page.

How to apply the Magento 2 default theme?

Step 1. Navigate to Content > Design > Configuration.
Step 2. Choose the store view you want to customize and click Edit in the Action section.
Step 3. In the Default Theme section, change the Applied Theme to the one you want to apply.
Step 4. Сlick Save Configuration.

How to add a user agent rule?

Step 1. Navigate to Content > Design > Configuration.
Step 2. In the Design Rule section, click the Add New User Agent Rule button.
Step 3. For Search String, enter the browser ID for the specific device.
Step 4. Search strings are matched in the order you type them. For example, for Firefox type:


Step 5. Repeat the process if additional devices need to be entered.

Step 6. Click Save Configuration.

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