How to choose the best POS for your Magento 2 store?

POS systems come in different forms and shapes, have a wide range of features, support various hardware, and serve different goals. Let’s see how to choose the best option for your Magento 2.

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1. Compatibility with your equipment

Barcode scanner, printer, cash drawer, credit card reader, and other hardware you use in the store should be supported by the POS system. Make sure that you will be able to establish a smooth work of all devices.

2. Main features

Do you need online ordering for store pickup, delivery tracking, or age verification? The answer depends on your business characteristics. Some businesses prefer cloud-based solutions others need inventory tracking and detailed reports. It’s important to not only define your current business needs but also make a forecast of what you may need in the future.

3. Training procedures

When choosing a POS solution that suits the best for your Magento 2, don't forget about who will use it. You will need to teach staff how to work with POS. And you should understand how easy they can learn new software.

4. Scalability

It may look unnecessary right now how easy this POS system can be rebuilt for a larger business and how it handles a large flow of buyers. But say, you launch a Christmas sale and the number of customers increases 10 times. You may need a more powerful solution than you think. Thus, before making a decision, look through system limitations, and ensure they are enough for your current and future needs.

5. Integration with third-party software

And last but not least, your POS system should be easy to integrate with other software, for example, Magento 2. We’re sure you know why it’s important :) 

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