How to choose the right Magento e-commerce agency?

The market got flooded with Magento development companies. They all offer a roughly similar set of services. Therefore, it can be difficult for the user to choose between top Magento companies and decide which development agency to contact. Let's see what these agencies offer and how to choose the right one?

There are many Magento e-commerce website development companies, but there is still one big question...

What is the main role of Magento e-commerce agencies?

Сustomers expect a smooth user experience. Qualified Magento e-commerce agencies provide not only Magento website development services, but also the various technical know-how, end-to-end system integrations, user interface designs, and digital marketing expertise required to create a powerful e-commerce website that will help you make revenue from the start.

The role is kind of clear. But now another question... 

What services Magento e-commerce website development companies usually offer?

In general, the re of services provided by Magento development agencies is quite similar. Most Magento e-commerce development companies offer configuration services, Magento optimization services, marketing services, SEO/PPC services, security services, and others. Besides, they often provide ongoing e-commerce website support. But how to choose the top Magento agency? In most cases, it’s better to choose the best agency in a particular area for each task. 

Here is a table of the most popular Magento services provided by web agencies:




In order not to pay for an individual design for your store, you can use various modules, such as the Jet Theme extension, which provides stable store operation and excellent visuals for your Magento 2, and most importantly, you do not need programming skills to make any design changes to the frontend.

Ok, we found out the list of services, but after that, the main question appears...

How to choose the best Magento web development agency?

When choosing between top Magento web development companies, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Magento certifications and partnership
  • Expertise in Magento and related technologies
  • Experience of the agency
  • Market reputation
  • What other services the agency provides
  • Ensuring data integrity and security
  • Deployment testing
  • Support during and after the project release

As Amasty CEO, Sergei Derzap says: "Evaluate all the conditions and make the right choice!"

Magento e-commerce development agencies develop custom modules, but there are also so-called all-in-one solutions that can provide your store with the entire set of necessary functions. For example, the B2B E-commerce Suite, which contains the most crucial solutions to build a base for a B2B store and can help solve most of the issues in B2B.

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. It is popular among both large corporations and startups. But launching an online store on Magento requires high professional skills  of top Magento specialists.

When choosing the top Magento developers agency for creating an online store on Magento, remember that you need a reliable company that will support and manage the project at all stages. In the future, you should have a long-term relationship with this company, as they will be responsible for supporting your store at all stages of its creation and existence.

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