How to configure PayPal express checkout in Magento 2?

Don’t forget to configure your PayPal account before setting up the Express Checkout in Magento. For testing Magento 2 PayPal first, you can set an account up for the sandbox. So let’s configure it:

Step 1. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods in the Admin.

Step 2. Set Store View.

Step 3. Go to the Merchant Location section and choose the Merchant Country depending on your business location.

Step 4. Click the Configure button in the PayPal Express Checkout field of the Recommended Solutions section.

Step 5. Connect your PayPal account by expanding the Required PayPal Settings section and pressing the Connect with PayPal button:


Step 6. Change the Enable this Solution setting to Yes.

Step 7. If you want to enable the PayPal In-Context Checkout then, switch the Enable In-Context Checkout Experience setting to Yes.

Enter the Merchant Account ID of your PayPal.

Step 8. Make the following PayPal settings:

config express checkout

Step 9. Optionally you can set up Advertise PayPal Credit.

Step 10. Magento PayPal express checkout is not enabled and you need to complete the Basic Settings - PayPal Express Checkout section to make it work:

config sales payment methods

After completing the Title and Sort Order, you will see the Payment Action dropdown where you have to choose between the following options:

  • Authorization 
  • Sale 
  • Order

payment action

Step 11. Switch the Display on Product Details Page setting to Yes to display the button on the product page. But you can choose the Order option in this dropdown. And then, you will need to complete these things:

  • Authorization Honor Period (days)
  • Order Valid Period (days)
  • Number of Child Authorizations (default number is 1)

Step 12. Now you need to complete the Advanced settings: 

config sales payment methods

Step 13. Switch the Display on Shopping Cart option to Yes.

Step 14. In the Payment Applicable From dropdown, choose one of the options:

  • All Allowed Countries
  • Specific Countries

Step 15. Switch the Debug Mode setting to Yes if you want to write communications with the payment system into the log file.

The log file for PayPal Payments Advanced is payments: _payflow_advanced.log

Step 16. Switch the Enable SSL Verification setting to Yes if you want to enable host authentication.

Step 17. Choose Yes in the Transfer Cart Line Items dropdown if you want to display a complete summary of a customer order by line item from the PayPal website.

Step 18. Switch the Transfer Shipping Options setting to Yes if you want to include up to 10 shipping options in the summary.

Step 19. In the Shortcut Buttons Flavor setting, you need to choose one of two options:

  • Dynamic 
  • Static

Step 20. After that, choose whether to Enable PayPal Guest Checkout or not.

Step 21. In the Require Customer’s Billing Address setting, you are to choose between:

  • Yes
  • No
  • For Virtual Quotes Only

Step 22. In the Billing Agreement Signup setting, choose one of the following options:

  • Auto
  • Ask Customer
  • Never

billing agreement setup

Step 23. Switch the Skip Order Review Step setting to Yes if you want to allow the buyer to make the transaction from the PayPal website without having to go back to your Magento store to review the order.

Step 24. Specify the additional sections according to your needs.

Step 25. Save config.

When you have finished configuring PayPal express payment in your Magento 2, make sure that all the functions are working correctly and if you notice that something is not working, then recheck if you followed all the steps correctly.

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