How to configure wishlists in Magento 2?

To set up a wishlist in Magento 2, you can start by logging into your Magento 2 admin panel.

How To Configure Magento 2 Wishlist

Using the sidebar menu on the left side, navigate to “Stores,” “Settings,” and then “Configuration.”

From here, use the smaller menu on the left, select the “Customers” dropdown, and then click the “Wish List” tab.

Start with the General Options. Set Enable to Yes in order to make wishlists available on your store. You can also choose whether you want wishlists visible in your store's sidebar.

Then, move to the Share Options. Here, you can choose the Email Sender and define the name that appears in the emails. You can also choose the email template to use when customers share their wishlist. This template can be customized, but a default template is automatically chosen.

You can also set the maximum email number of emails to be sent and the email text length limit. This can vary from 255 to 10,000 characters, depending on your preference.

Finally, set the Display Wish List Summary field in the My Wish List Link section to display the number of items in the wishlist or item quantities depending on your design choices.  Click the “Save Config” button to save your wishlist in Magento 2.

How Your Customers Can Share Their Wishlists

When a customer logs into your e-commerce site, they will now see the “My Wish List” option appear in the sidebar menu.

Clicking on that will take them to their wishlist. There will also be three buttons beneath the wishlist: Update Wish List, Share Wish List, and Add All To Cart. These buttons make it easy for your customers to change their list, share it with their friends, or add all the products to the cart to make a purchase.

When sharing a wishlist, customers can choose to send them to as many email addresses as they want, along with a message.

Extensions To Create Multiple Wishlists

Multiple Wishlist is a Magento 2 extension that is designed to enhance the wishlist functionality of your e-commerce store by allowing customers to create multiple wishlists. This is a great feature that can help reduce cart abandonment, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

With Multiple Wishlist, your customers can create separate wishlists for different occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, or special events. This makes it easier for them to plan their purchases in advance and keep track of products they are interested in. They can also share their wishlists with friends and family, making it easier for them to receive gifts that they really want.

One of the biggest advantages of Multiple Wishlist is that it encourages customers to return to your store. When a customer creates a wishlist, they are more likely to come back and make a purchase in the future. This is because the wishlist serves as a reminder of products they are interested in, and also allows them to track product availability and price changes.

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