How to create a catalog price rule in Magento 2?

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to create a Magento catalog price rule:

Step 1. Navigate to Marketing > Promotions > Catalog Price Rule.

Step 2. Click Add New Rule.

Step 3. Now you need to complete the Rule Information section:


Step 4. Specify the Rule Name and its Description.

Step 5. Switch the Rule Active option to Yes to enable the rule. If the Magento 2 catalog price rules are not working, then check this setting first.

Step 6. After that, choose Websites and Customer Groups for which the rule will be available.

Step 7. In the from and to sections, define the period of time during which this rule will work.

Step 8. Set the Priority (This setting is specified in numbers. Use 1 for the highest priority).

Step 9. The next step is to set up Conditions:


Step 10. Create a custom condition by pressing the + button. 

ALL \ TRUE values of the condition are set by default. You can change these values to ANY \ FALSE to exclude something from the condition.

Step 11. Choose a condition to add in the shown dropdown.

Step 12. Define the criteria for the conditions by clicking the more (…) link to display the input field and selecting the required options (Color - Blue, for example). 

This condition means that if there is a blue product in the cart, then the action that you set after will be applied to it. You can also change the condition type is to is not.

The condition is set. If you want to add additional conditions, click Add (+ sign) and define another one. You can set as many conditions as you want.

Find more information about conditions and their configuration →

Step 13. Now you need to define Actions that will be applied when the specified condition is met:


In the Apply setting, choose one of the following options:

  • Apply as percentage of original
  • Apply as fixed amount
  • Adjust final price to this percentage
  • Adjust final price to discount value

After that, enter the Discount Amount.

And in the last dropdown, choose whether to Discard subsequent rules or not.

Step 14. Save the rule. 

And now check if a product has the Magento 2 catalog price rule by testing the rule you set. If Magento catalog price rules are still not working, then recheck all the described settings.

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