How to Customize the Magento PDF Invoice Template

Developing your brand identity is essential to your growth strategy. You've worked to build a brand story and personality. You designed your communication style and visual identity.

Why are you settling for generic invoices and order forms?

You could be using a Magento custom PDF invoice template. Learn more about how to make custom PDF invoice templates in Magento 2 with the PDF Customizer extension from Amasty.

How Do I Start Using Magento 2 to Customize an Invoice PDF?

To start generating customized PDF invoice templates, you need to enable the PDF Customizer extension. You can find it under "Configuration" with your other Amasty extensions. The "Enabled" box must be set to "Yes".

You have four types of templates:

  • Invoice
  • Shipment
  • Credit memo
  • Order

You can customize the existing templates or create your own. PDF Customizer allows you an unlimited number of templates.

Can Magento Customize an Invoice Template Differently than Another Type of Template?

Yes. You can customize each type of template to be different if you want. The set-up process for each type of PDF is similar in Magento 2.

Choose the type of PDF template you want to work on and expand the tab. This shows you the general settings for the template.

For example, you can attach PDF files automatically to sales emails. You can choose whether your customers will download a customized version of a PDF file or the default version.

Magento 2: Upload a PDF File First?

You don't need Magento 2 to upload the PDF file first. The Magento 2 PDF Invoice extension gives you pre-configured templates for each type of PDF.

You can manage all the templates easily from the Marketing tab under "Amasty PDF Templates". You can see the templates in a convenient grid format.

To modify an existing template, click its row in the grid. You can preview the template by clicking the "Preview" link. To create a new, custom template, click "Add New Template".

How Do I Create Content With Magento 2 PDF Generation?

You can use the HTML/CSS editor to change the template. The "Insert Variable" button lets you add a new block to the template. You can use any of the default Magento 2 variables.

You can make templates for specific customer groups. For example, you can specify the store views that will use the template. You could make a template for retail or wholesale clients.

Can I Add a Magento PDF Invoice Logo?

Yes. Magento PDF invoices can fully match your brand. You can adjust the fonts and color with HTML.

Adding your logo is straightforward. You can configure it under "Sales". Under "Invoice and Packing Slip Design", you'll find the option to upload a logo.

Select the logo file you want to use. Upload it and adjust the width and height as needed.

Why Should I Use a Magento Custom PDF Invoice Template?

Custom PDF invoice templates in Magento 2 give you more flexibility. You can tailor them to specific segments of your customer base.

A customized PDF template reinforces your brand identity. It helps you stand out from your competitors.

You can use customized invoices as a marketing tool. For example, you could use a footer that suggests additional products or services.

Get More from Magento 2 With a Custom Invoice Template

Making a Magento custom PDF invoice template is simple with Amasty's PDF Invoice extension. You don't need any coding skills. You can automatically attach PDFs to marketing emails and target your customers more effectively.

Get the Amasty PDF Customizer extension for Magento 2 today and see how it makes a difference.

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