How to enable Magento 2 search suggestions?

Magento 2 search suggestions are designed to persuade users make a buying decision. It helps to show related search terms on the results page in order to show more products to your customers. The Magento 2 search extension allows to show the most relevant keywords and increases the chance of a product to be chosen by customer.

How to enable suggestions using the Magento 2 Search module?

Relevant search suggestions can be enabled with the help of Magento 2 Search module by following these steps:
Step 1. Start by monitoring all the search terms that users have created in the store by organically entering search terms into the auto-complete search box. It can be reached by navigating to the admin panel → Reports → Search Terms.

Step 2. Click on the desired search term to change it.

Step 3. Specify the Search Query a user needs to type into the search field.

Step 4. Assign the Store view.

Step 5. Specify the Number of Results that will be returned.

Step 6. The Number of Uses shows the of requests on the specific query.

Step 7. Enter the Redirect URL to which users should be redirected when they click on search results.

Step 8. Set the Display in Suggested Terms option to Yes if you want to show this query term in the Related Terms list for other searches.

Step 9. Mark the necessary search terms to be shown in the search query in the Related Terms table by ticking the checkmark.

Advanced Search

What are the main benefits of the Magento 2 Search extension?

Magento 2 Search extension has the following advantages:

  • Predictive search results display
  • Ability to embed search bar widget to any page
  • Related search terms
  • Сustomizable layout of the popup
  • Built-in analytics dashboard
  • Autocomplete suggestions 
  • Long-tail search
  • Fallback search: ability to offer similar products when no items are found
  • Unique page content for each brand
  • Brands menu with alphabetical sorting

And that's not all. You can find more on the Magento advanced search extension page.

How can I enable Ajax search autocomplete and suggest in Magento?

To enable Ajax search autocomplete and suggest in Magento using the Amasty extension, you need to install our Search extension. It provides advanced search functionality, including autocomplete and suggest features. Once you have installed the extension, you can configure it to enable Ajax search. The extension will then provide an autocomplete dropdown as users type in the search box, showing relevant product suggestions. You can also customize the search algorithm, choose which attributes to search on, and add synonyms to improve search results. This can greatly enhance the user experience and improve your store's conversion rate.

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