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How to feature the products you need primarily?

There are lots of marketing techniques on how you can choose the best features and products. Different matrix and templates will help you to prioritize products and decide what features you need to highlight. Usually, you have two options based on which you can promote the prods: bestsellers or vice versa poorly-sold goods. Below you will find 3 tools to feature the needed products.

1. Promo Banners

The easiest way to attract more attention to specific products is promo action. Inform visitors about your offer with a catchy banner. Amasty Promo Banners extension offers you 3 types of banners: images, cms-blocks, and HTML text. You can choose any from 10+ positions on a product, category, cart pages, or place a banner in any CMS-block. Display the banner according to specific days and time periods, search request, cart total, product attributes, and category.

2. Product Labels

Do you need a simple tool to mark new arrivals, bestsellers, free shipping, or other special offers? Take a look at our Product Labels module. With this plugin, you can add an unlimited number of custom labels or use pre-made templates and feature your products. Constructor with labels shape, color, position, and size allows you to create a unique label in a few clicks:

create a new product label in magento 2

You can set labels based on certain days and time periods, the number of items available in stock and the prices. Also, you can set different rules for different customer groups.

3. Time-limited offers

Trigger your customers to make a purchase right now by implementing a time-limited offer. According to the Statista report, you can increase your revenue-per-visitor by up to 2.9% with this kind of promo.

Countdown Timer allows you to create custom timers or use ready-made templates. You can add a timer to any store page including specific products. Set the date and time when the promo expires and manage all your offers from one grid.

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