How to get the shipment tracking number in Magento 2?

Why do you need to get the tracking number from an order in Magento 2?

Providing the ability to track order numbers is an essential element for online shopping. This allows the buyer to track the delivery of the goods, find out about delays, and quickly resolve issues with the seller. Tracking shipment is an important point in supply chain management and Magento import tracking numbers is an important issue. So that store owners can implement several methods to get tracking numbers from orders in Magento 2. 

What are the Methods to get shipment tracking numbers added in Magento 2?

Method 1

Getting the shipment tracking orders added in Magento 2 via email: magento get tracking number

You need to view these shipment details in Magento to get tracking number:

  • From the admin menu, select Sales> Shipments.
  • Find the cargo in the list and click to open the entry.
  • If you would like to add a comment to the order, scroll down to the Comment History section and enter your comment in the field.
  • To send the comment to the customer by email, select the Notify customer by an email check box.
  • To post the comment to the customer's account, select the Visible in the frontend check box.
  • Click Submit Comment.

There is another method of getting the shipment tracking orders added in Magento 2.

Method 2

In the process of creating an order shipment, you will need to fill in certain fields that will relate to the delivery of the order. One of these fields will be Shipping Information, where the Add tracking number button will be located and you are to fulfill it. Check out Creating a Shipment section for more information.

With our Mass Order Actions module, you will be able to do it easily.

You will have the opportunity to send the tracking info massively from the grid. This mass action allows you to send a huge amount of Magento shipment tracking numbers emails to your customers right from the grid in a few clicks. It saves time as you don’t have to go to each order anymore to send the tracking info.

Another feature is the possibility to Create invoices right from the grid.

Magento 2 Bulk Order Processing module allows you to create and send invoices from the handy grid. There is no more need to open a separate order page each time you have to send an invoice. Simply add the corresponding action to the actions dropdown and apply it to all selected orders.

Moreover, you will have an opportunity to ship orders in one click.

Using the grid, you can not only view Magento 2 carriers for products but also update shipping info in bulk. Change the carrier or ship all the products with the dropdown menu.

By making use of this module, you get to service customers better, deliver more goods, and consequently boost your sales. It is also a great method which is used to avoid wastage and loss of resources. Moreover, you can use this module combined with other extensions without any incompatibility issues. It helps to make sure you have quality product delivery and all the customers get the particular thing they order. It helps to eliminate stress, human errors, time and product wastage.

Is it possible for customers to track their orders in Magento without logging in?

Yes, Magento provides a feature that allows customers to track their orders without requiring them to log in. By entering the necessary information, such as the order number and email address, on the "Track Order" page, customers can retrieve the status and details of their orders. This convenient functionality improves the user experience by eliminating the need for customers to create an account or log in to track their orders.

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