How to increase Magento 2 ROI with custom order confirmation page?

When customers place their orders at your Magento 2 store, they see a Magento 2 order success page with order details. This is an order confirmation page or thank-you page.

By default, it looks like this:


Guest users are offered to create an account to track their order status, and registered customers receive a direct link to their account.

Vanilla Magento doesn’t offer any special settings for customization. Thing is that you can use this Magento 2 success page as a powerful marketing tool for customer’s retention, stimulating repeat purchases. 

Let’s see what you can do with our Thank You Page extension.

Offer a discount

A discount for the next purchase will motivate your customers to return to your store and make another purchase. According to statistics, more than 90% of all shoppers will use a discount voucher throughout the year.

Use video content

74% of all internet traffic comes from videos, and more than half of all internet users watch video content every day. At the same time, videos have higher engaging potential. Adding your YouTube video to the thank-you page, you bring more traffic to the content converting the users into the leads. 

Use case: Say, you sell leather bags, show the video-guide about how to care for the products correctly. Thus, you will reduce your support managers’ work, sell additional leather care goods and increase customers' satisfaction with your bags.

Display cross-sells and related products

Say, you sell sports goods. If a customer has just bought a new yoga mat, they may be interested in yoga blocks, straps, or leggings. Show these products on the Magento 2 order confirmation page and trigger a new purchase. This marketing strategy works even better with a personal discount code.

Offer newsletter subscription

Emails have one of the biggest ROI among other marketing tools. Enable the newsletter subscription on the success page, make a valuable offer, and convert your guest users into regular ones.

According to the statistics, you may find helpfull the following question about newsletter subscription.

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