How to install the Magento 2 Cloud CLI?

Magento Cloud Command Line Interface is a project and environment management tool for Magento Cloud that implements many of the features of the Project web interface. This is done using various Magento 2 CLI commands.

So how to install the Magento Cloud CLI?

Step 1. Navigate to the directory on your local workstation where you plan to clone cloud projects and in which the Magento File System Owner has write access.

Step 2. Install the magento-cloud CLI:

curl -sS | php

Step 3. Use the following command to add magento-cloud CLI to the bash profile:

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.magento-cloud/bin

Step 4. Restart the modernized bash profile:

. ~/.bash_profile

Step 5. Call magento-cloud via CLI command and create your Magento 2 Cloud account login and password when needed to launch the CLI:


Welcome to Magento Cloud!

Please log in using your Magento Cloud account.

Your email address or username:

Step 6. Check that the magento-cloud command is in your path. The following piece of code lists common Magento CLI commands:

magento-cloud list

These commands are for managing ?loud Integration environments. The most frequently used commands are shown in the following table:

cli commands

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