How to link the tracking number to the order info in Magento 2?

Why do you need Magento 2 track order link?

Magento 2 track order link allows to track the location of the parcel and its route to the destination. Also, using this identifier, you can clarify the fact of receipt of the shipment. Assigning an order number is one of the steps for creating a shipment. The shipment creation process consists of several steps:

How to get the Magento track number linked to the order?

To link the Magento 2 track number to the order do the following:

Step 1. Go to Sales > Orders on the Admin grid.

Step 2. Find and open the order.

Step 3. Click Ship if the order is paid, invoiced, and ready to ship. The sections at the top of the service all info from the sales order.

Step 4. Complete all sections of the shipment form:

  • Source Selection means that you need to select a source and an amount of qty to send per line item
  • identify the qty of Items to Ship
  • fulfill the Shipping Information field with CarrierTitle, and assigned tracking Number
  • add Shipping Comments if needed. For example, you can leave there a specific URL for their Magento order tracking.

As a result, your customers will be able to track their order right from the customer account. For this, they need to:

Step 1. Go to the My Orders page and open the Order Shipments tab.

Step 2. Click Track this Shipment.

Step 3. The available tracking information will appear in a pop-up window.

To simplify the process of order management, you can use the Extended Order Grid extension. This extension allows you to expand the capabilities of the order grid.

If you want to show the order number which is linked with shipment using our Magento 2 extension, you have to add the custom column to the order grid:

Step 1. Go to Sales > Orders. Here you will see the order grid.

Step 2. Open the Columns dropdown and go to the General tab.

Step 3. Tick the Tracking number option.

Step 4. Save the changes.

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