How to raise my Magento position in Google?

What are the Magento SEO best practices?

Magento SEO best practices are actions that can help your website get to the top of SERPs. To raise your website position in SERP, you need to optimize the Magento 2 for Google requirements. We have gathered SEO best practices for Magento 2 stores in one checklist to make the process simpler.

1. Increase your loading speed

Audit your loading speed by using Google PageSpeed Insights and increase your score with our Google page speed optimizer. This plugin solves the main speed problems, so you can:

  • Optimize JPEG, PNG, and GIF images by resizing or cropping them automatically without quality loss;
  • Enable lazy loading and upload images and JS files by demand;
  • Merge and minify JS and CSS files to reduce the number of requests to the server.

2. Warm-up your cache

Browser caching increases website loading speed, but you need to keep it updated. Automate the cache warming with Amasty Full page cache warmer. This plugin will timely cache all the necessary pages and auto-update after changes. You can use 5 sources to create the query for cache warming:

  1. Pages Type;
  2. Text File with the list of URLs;
  3. Sitemap XML;
  4. Sitemap XML and Text File together;
  5. Customers Activity analysis;

or exclude some pages. Schedule a specific time for warming and make data-driven decisions by analyzing detailed reports.

3. Start a blog

Your website needs to be regularly updated with fresh and unique content. Weekly blog posts will keep your customers informed about your products and services, and at the same time, it will increase your traffic. Valuable information will increase customers’ trust and strengthen the brand’s position, which in turn will increase the number of potential customers.

Blog pro extension allows you not only create attractive blog posts but also optimize them by adding metadata. With this mod, you can create advanced Google Rich Snippets, which will grab users’ attention on the search results page and boost your ranking.

4. Automate your daily SEO tasks

Automatization is the last but not least point in our Magento SEO checklist. Creating metadata and setting rich snippets can take lots of time. Reduce manual work with our all-in-one SEO solution. With this extension, you can create templates for metadata, use advanced rich snippets capabilities, set 301 and 404 redirects, avoid duplicate content, automate cross linking, configure HTML and XML sitemaps.

Why do you need the advanced SEO Suite for Magento 2?

Advanced SEO Suite for Magento 2 helps improve your site and gain the trust of the robots that help attract the target audience to your site. Tulkit includes several solutions to help optimize your site and maximize its SEO effectiveness.

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