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How to remove or add discount codes from Magento 2 checkout?

How to remove apply discount codes from checkout in Magento 2?

Removing apply discount code from checkout in Magento 2 is a complicated task that requires coding skills. You can do it more easily with the use of our Multiple Coupons extension. First of all, you need to create and configure the coupons, after that, you will be able to apply or remove coupon codes.

First of all, you need to create and configure the coupons, after that, you will be able to apply or remove coupon codes.

How to configure the coupons?

Step 1. Navigate to Marketing > Cart Price Rules and click the Add New Rule button or choose the existing one.

Step 2. Represent the rule on the Rule Information tab. Write the Rule Name and its Description. Move the Active slider to the Yes position for the rule to work.

Step 3. After that, choose Websites and Customer Groups to apply the rule for.

Step 4. In the Coupon dropdown, choose the Specific Coupon option to create the coupon. 

Step 5. Write the custom coupon name in the appeared Coupon Code line. You can use the Auto Generation option to generate multiple coupon codes.

Step 6. The next step is to indicate Uses per Coupon and Uses per Customer.

Step 7. Define the time constraints for the coupon code in the From/To sections. (Available for Magento 2 Open Source only) 

Step 8. Define the rule Priority.

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If you want to create Unique codes, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Multiple Coupons. 

Unique codes can only be used separately. When using such a code, all other coupons will not be taken into account. You can write several coupons of this type separated by commas. But you can Allow Several Coupons from the Same Rule by setting the dropdown of this option to Yes.

How to apply or remove Coupon Codes from orders?

If you want to apply or remove multiple coupons, you need the order to be created in the admin panel. Navigate to Sales > Orders > Create New Order.

Here you will see the Apply Coupon Code window. In this window, you can  apply discount codes to the order or remove apply discount codes from it.

Why remove discount codes from checkout in Magento 2?

One of the main reasons to remove the discount codes from checkout in Magento 2 is that they can have a negative impact on your business. Of course, discount codes can increase sales, they can also get in the way of making a profit. Before implementing discount codes, make sure they are well thought out, aligned with your brand and customer targeted.

If you want to improve your store, you can check out the promotion rules in Magento 2: comprehensive guide article.

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