How to set up order confirmation email in Magento 2?

An order confirmation email is one of the basic triggered emails in Magento 2. It includes information about ordered products, total price, billing, and shipping addresses.

Let’s see how to configure the Magento new order email.

Step 1. Log into your admin panel and go to Stores > Settings > Configuration.

Step 2. In the Sales tab, choose Sales Emails.

Step 3. Next, open the Order area. There are required configurations.

Step 4. Enable order emails by choosing Yes in the Enabled dropdown.

Step 5. In the New Order Confirmation Email line, specify a store contact that will be shown as the message sender. By default, there is a Sales Representative.

Step 6. You can choose a custom email template in the New Order Confirmation Email field or leave this field with the default value.

See also: If you want to customize Magento 2 order confirmation email template, read our blog post about how to create and edit email templates.

Step 7. Then you need to choose what email template will be used to send an order confirmation email for the Guest category. Select the needed one in the New Order Confirmation Template for Guest dropdown.

Step 8. If you need to send a Magento order confirmation email to admin, specify the email address in the Send Order Email Copy To field. Also, you can add multiple addresses by separating them with commas. Then, you need to choose the method of how the copy email will be sent. Go to the Send Order Email Copy Method field and select from 2 options:

  • BCC - this is a blind courtesy copy, which means copy recipient will be included in the same email that is sent to the customer invisibly.
  • Separate email - this method simply sends the copy to the recipient as a separate email.

Step 9. Save the changes.

Now, Magento will send Magento new order email programmatically every time comen has placed a new order. You can configure other sales emails like Order Comments, Invoice, Shipment, and Credit Memo in the relevant sections.

Make sure that your customers will get an order confirmation email. Set up Magento 2 SMTP Email Settings extension and minimize risks to get into the spam folder. In this extension, you can set up your own Magento 2 SMTP server configuration or use one of the supported SMTP providers:

  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • AOL Mail
  • Yahoo
  • Comcast
  • O2 Mail
  • Office365
  • Orange
  • Outlook
  • GMX
  • Zoho

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