How to setup Magento 2 pickup in store option?

Having flexible product delivery options is essential in a world where retail and e-commerce preferences prioritize convenience. One option to elevate your e-commerce strategy is offering a convenient in-store pickup option, providing Magento 12 in-store delivery to meet the modern customer.

While taking advantage of the Magento pickup in-store option is critical to improving the shopping experience and customer satisfaction, you might not know how to set up this feature. Keep reading for a step-by-step overview of setting up this option in your Magento store!

Set Up Magento 2 In-Store Delivery and Pickup Option

Magento 2 has flexible and crucial features offering buy online and pick up in-store (BOPIS) options. While the Magento BOPIS feature is helpful, you won’t be able to take advantage of it until it’s properly set up.

Set up the Magento pickup in-store option by using the following steps:

  1. After logging into your store, select Stores → Configuration → Sales → Delivery Methods → In-Store Pickup.
  2. Set the Enable for Checkout option to “Yes.” This step will allow customers to access store pickup shipping methods when checking out.
  3. Under Title, specify the name of the store pickup method.
  4. Under the Method Name section, select the method name for store pickup – for example, “In-Store Delivery.”
  5. Under Holidays/Exclude Days/Blackout Days, choose a date for holiday and blackout delivery days.
  6. Choose a custom error message for in-store pickups using the Display Error Message section.
  7. Under Date Format, set the format for the in-store delivery date.
  8. Under Disable Delivery Day, choose days to turn off in-store delivery.
  9. Under Deliver Hour Start, choose a time for starting delivery; under Delivery Hour End, choose an ending time.
  10. Set the days for delivery from the current day using the Disable Day option.

How Can I Enable the Store Locator Extension?

Giving customers access to in-store pickup options is critical to making this process seamless. You can enable the store locator extension for the Magento pickup in-store option in the following steps:

  1. Go to Stores → Configuration → MageAnts → Store Locator.
  2. Under Enabled StoreLocator, select “Enable.” This step will display the store locator on your site’s front end.
  3. Following the Enabled StoreLocator Link set “Enable” to show the store locator link from your front end.
  4. Under Store Locator Title, set the title for the store locator.
  5. For Max Radius, set the maximum kilometers for the nearby slider on your site’s front end.
  6. Under Front Location URL, set the URL for your store locator.
  7. Under Product Page Label, set the label for your locator button.
  8. Set the Google mark template under Google Mark Template.

Unlock Pickup in Store With Amasty’s Store Pickup

Having flexible options for retrieving a product is vital to ensuring e-commerce success. The Magento BOPIS option is perfect for providing customers with local convenience and a seamless shopping experience.

Amasty’s Magento 2 Store Pickup extension is the solution to drive sales and promote offline purchases for your online store. The Store Pickup extension allows customers to choose the store pickup option at checkout to expand sales possibilities. Unlock your e-commerce potential by enabling in-store pickup solutions today!

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