How to translate a Magento 2 module?

To translate your Magento 2 extension, please follow the steps:

1. Open app/code/Amasty/[Magento extension name]/i18n/ ;
2. Copy en_US.csv situated in the above folder as new.csv and rename it to the needed language code (e.g. pt_BR.csv);
3. Edit the file, replacing right side of each Magento 2 string with translated content:


Static content re-generation and/or cache flush are required to make that translation appear on front.

Helpful hint: having translated your store to numerous languages, you need to give your users an option to switch between the languages. With our Store Switcher, you can set a language based on users' IP or give them a chance to switch between multi-lingual stores by a click. Also, the mod can be set up to show users prices in their local currency. Or, if you have a team of remote employees, you can disable their IPs for automatic store switching to keep the working process smooth.

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