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How to translate Magento module?

If you want to translate Magento extension, you have two options for that.

1. Please open app/locale/en_US/Module_Name.csv, copy it to your locale folder, for example to app/locale/de_DE/Module_Name.csv and change the wording after the ","  so the line will look like "Product review","Testbericht".

how to translate a Magento extension - csv file


2. Alternatively, you can use inline translation (provided the necessary language packs have been installed). Please go to admin/system/configuration/developer, choose the storeview you want to translate and enable inline translation for it. Then go to the front end, select text and translate it.

how to translate a Magento extension

Say, you have several stores in different languages with different currencies for separate countries. Redirect your visitors by IPs to a needed store view. Place your remote employees' IPs to a whitelist to show the needed store without redirecting them.

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