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I have the extension for M1 and want to upgrade it to M2. What should I do?

You should acquire the module for M2, as M2 modules have a completely different structure as compared with M1 extensions.

So there is no way to transfer the module from M1 to M2. But you can check if the same module on M2 exists. 

Moreover, if you are still working on M1, it is better to migrate your site from M1 to M2. Migration from Magento 2 vers to the Magento 2 is essential. At least it's safer this way because m1 is currently not supported by Magento.

If you want to migrate from M1 to M2, then you can use our Magento 1 to 2 Migration Service. Our qualified specialists will carry out this process for you.

Please contact our Support team to find out all the conditions.

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