Magento Page Builder tutorial: how to create effective landing pages?

Creating custom landing pages on Magento is a complex process that requires certain coding skills. If you run your store on Magento Commerce, you have a built-in Page Builder that solves this problem. If you’re lucky to cut costs and manage your website on Magento Open Source, you’ll have to code to create a custom page or use a special Page Builder extension. This Page Builder is a tool that helps you create a landing page or any content block from your Magento 2 admin without additional development. So, how to create a page with the use of it?

Tutorial to create a landing page with the Magento built-in Page Builder

  • Log into your Magento admin. 

  • Navigate to the Content > Elements > Pages. 

  • Click the Add New Page button and define the page’s name. 

  • Set Enable Page to Yes

  • Go to the Content section and define the heading. 

  • Fill in all the fields in the Search Engine Optimization section. 

  • Define the view in the Websites section. 

  • In the Hierarchy section, define the ranking of the LP. If you have templates or themes that you want to place, go to the Design tab and enter the Layout Update XML. 

  • Save the changes.

Dose Magento 2 have page builder in Open Source edition? As we said before, if you run your website on Magento Open Source you don’t have this built-in solution.

However, this problem can be solved by the CMS Page Builder extension, which allows you to create various pages without coding skills. Moreover, you’ll be able to expand Magento's default capabilities in terms of product descriptions, allow you to create a unique page design, and create category landing pages with the ability to highlight them to increase page coverage and sales.

You don't have to learn how to build pages from scratch by dealing with complex commands. It is a comprehensive solution that will help you easily cope with the necessary tasks related to creating, editing, and customizing pages. As far as page customization is concerned, you will be able to do it right from the interface.

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