How to use "Each Group of N - Fixed Price: Each 5 items for $50" action

The guidance below shows how to configure the action ‘Fixed Price: Each 5 items for $50’ of Special Promotions extension.

This action allows creating promotions like “Get group of special items for 150$”.


Let’s observe the steps of the action configuration.

Please open Admin Panel > Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules (click ‘Add New Rule’ button) > Actions.


Step 1. Choose ‘Fixed Price: Each 5 items for $50’ field.

Step 2. Set the ‘Final Price For Group’.

Step 3. Use ‘Each Group of N’ field to indicate a discount step. If you indicate ‘4’ like below, it will mean that every group of four items will trigger the discount.

Step 4. Also you can specify SKUs or categories of the individual products to which the discount should apply.

 The rule below will apply aforementioned ‘Buy any four skirts for $500’ discount

And this is how the result might look like

See more details on Special Promotions page

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