Top 3 Amasty extensions for a brand-new Magento 2 store

When launching a new online store, selecting the right Magento 2 extensions is crucial. Amasty offers a trio of essential plugins that make them the top Magento 2 extensions and the best Magento plugins for any e-shop.

#1. SEO Toolkit

After installing your Magento 2 store, prioritize how customers find your website with the SEO Toolkit. Around 69% of e-commerce traffic comes from Google, and a robust SEO strategy is key to a high conversion rate (currently at 14.6%). Amasty provides three options:

  1. Get a free SEO checklist. Our SEO team made a universal list of main challenges you may face when optimizing your store and how to fix them by yourself. → Grab the checklist
  2. SEO Audit. Our specialists are ready to dive deeper into your website, make quick fixes of technical issues, and create a unique SEO-improvement plan. → Make a request
  3. SEO Audit + SEO Toolkit configuration. If you choose this option you will get an SEO audit that we described above, the all-in-one SEO extension, and configuration of this mod by our specialist according to your requirements. This extension was designed to automate and speed up day-to-day SEO tasks. Our managers will tailor the settings for your needs and answer all your questions about Magento 2 configurations for SEO.

→ Learn more about SEO audit

#2. Improved Layered Navigation

Inability to quickly find desired products leads to customer abandonment. Amasty's Improved Layered Navigation follows a freemium model, ensuring basic features for $1, allowing you to extend with advanced options later. The extension includes:

  • Dependent & custom filters
  • Multiple choices for one filter
  • Horizontal navigation
  • Price slider
  • From-to widget, etc.

→ Find more details on how the freemium works

#3. One Step Checkout

Simplify the checkout process with the One Step Checkout extension. With 26% of users abandoning their carts due to complicated checkouts, this extension provides:

  • Two built-in themes
  • Support for various payment methods (PayPal, Amazon Pay, Braintree, Klarna, Stripe, SagePay, etc.)
  • Speedy checkout through IP and Google Address suggestions

→ Get the all-in-one starter pack with a 15% discount. It includes:

These extensions collectively make Amasty's offerings the best Magento 2 extensions and the top Magento extensions for creating a robust and efficient online store.

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