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How to create a CSV file import tracking numbers via the `Amasty: Mass Order Actions` extension?

1) CSV is a text format for presenting tabular data.
Each file line is a row of a table. Column values are separated from one another by a delimiter (comma in this case).
If the value contains a delimiter or a space, then you need to enclose this value into quotes.
2) The CSV file for the `Amasty: Mass Order Actions` extension should contain the following columns:
Order Number,Tracking Number,Carrier Code,Title
2.1) Order Number - increment id of order, example: 100004431
2.2) Tracking Number - tracking number from shipping company, example: 123ABC
2.3) Carrier Code - code of carrier, it is not title of carrier example for default Magento carriers:
Code - Title:
dhlint - DHL;
ups - United Parcel Service;
usps - United States Postal Service;
fedex - Federal Express;
dhl - DHL (Deprecated);
custom - Default Title for Custom Carrier you can set here:
Backend - > System - > Configuration - > `Amasty Extensions` section - > `Mass Order Actions` tab - > `Ship` fieldset - > ` Default Title for Custom Carrier ` field
2.4) Title - a title for tracking number, something understandable, as example the title of carrier: Federal Express
We can get the following line for CSV file from the examples above:
100004431,123ABC,fedex,"Federal Express"
See more details on Mass Order Actions page
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