How to update a Magento 1 Amasty extension?

Need to update your Magento 1 module?

Nothing can be easier, as you already passed the installation process and the module update is pretty much the same process.

If you see that some of your modules became grey instead of green under System > Configuration > Amasty > Extensions & Notifications tab, that means that we have an update for the Magento extension with new features or fixes.

You can always check what exactly was added at the extension "Change Log" tab on its page in our site.

We need to start with a new package:

1. To get it, You need to open your Customer Account on our site > My Downloads tab.

2. Click the "Download" link next to the extension that should be updated.

3. Unpack the "zip" file you download to your local machine. After that, please, open your admin panel.

4. We always recommend our customers to do a backup before each update just in case, especially for the live site. You can do it in System > Tools - Backups.

5. Please, open System > Tools > Compilation and check that the Compiler Status is "Disabled" until the update is finished.

6. Open your FTP panel:
Proceed to Root Magento folder there (it usually contains index.php file).

7. Upload all contents from the "Step 1" folder to the root folder of your Magento installation:

upload step1

When the process finishes, upload the contents of "Step 2" folder to Root folder of your Magento.

If you see the pop up “The target file already exists” while file transfer, simply check “Always use this action” and “Overwrite” radio button.

8. Clear the cache from your admin panel.

9. Go to System > Configuration > Amasty > Extensions & Notifications - your updated extension must have a green check label next to it.

And that’s it. Pay attention that our Magento 1 extensions cannot be updated via Composer.

Helpful tip: If after an extension update, you can’t set up new features the way you need, ask us about configuration service. We’ll be happy to help you with this challenge.

See also how to update Magento 2 extensions by Amasty.

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