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What is the salable quantity in Magento 2?

Since Magento 2.3 and higher versions, you can see the additional column at the product grid - salable quantity. This term raises many questions, especially for those who are just starting to use Magento. Let’s check the difference between the Quantity and Salable Quantity.

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The Salable Quantity first appears in Magento 2.3 release together with the Multi-Source Inventory system. It allows you to manage all your warehouses in one place and avoid dead stocks and out-of-stock situations.

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When you have multiple stocks that are located in different places, you need to understand how many items on the whole you can offer to your customers. For this, For that you can add quantity boxes to product list in Magento 2: Salable Quantity and Quantity per Source:

salable quantity

Salable Quantity is the sum of all available items of this product from all your sources.

→ Learn the difference between Source and Stock from the official documentation.

When a customer places an order, they usually can’t choose from which warehouse you need to ship their order, but the system should understand how many items left, even if you haven’t processed the order yet. That’s why Salable Quantity changes every time someone has placed the order when Quantity per Source will be stable until you ship the order. This allows you to prevent out-of-stocks during peak season when you need more time to process all the incoming orders. What is very useful for large stores, but it may be confusing for single-source shops. 

For more detailed information about the Multi Source Inventory and salable quantity, we recommend reading official Magento guides with step-by-step instructions to inventory management.

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