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Why hide prices and how to do it in Magento 2?

Usually, marketers don’t recommend hiding prices on product pages of an online store because it may trigger mistrust in prospects. But there are situations when it may be useful to hide price at least from not logged-in users. Let’s dive in without further ado.

When do you need to hide prices?

#1. Complex or customizable service

Sometimes it may be impossible to write a fixed price because you offer a service which final price depends on multiple factors. And you can not predict what your potential customers are looking for. In this case, it is appropriate to hide the price or write down a price range.

#2. Competitive pressure

In some markets, where the competition is very high, you may not want to show your best pricing options to competitors to prevent price dumping.

#3. Engagement decrease

If you want to engage more users into communication and get more contacts with your sales specialists, you can try to hide prices and let them fill in the request a quote form.

#4. Rapid price change

In some cases, for example, during an economic crisis, a situation may occur when the prices of goods change daily or even hourly. So if you have more than 10 products in stock, it’s easier to hide the price temporarily until you finish revaluation. But it’s important to mention that this is one of the rarest cases.

How to hide prices from not logged-in users in your Magento 2?

To hide the price if the user is not logged in to a Magento 2 customer account, you need to develop a custom plugin or use a ready-made solution - the Hide Price extension. Let’s see what configurations you need to use.
Step 1. Log in to the admin panel and navigate to Stores > Configuration > Hide Price.
Step 2. Open the General Settings tab.
Step 3. In the Hide Price for Selected Group(s) field, choose the NOT LOGGED IN option or any other customer group you need.
Step 4. Fill in other settings according to your business needs following the user guide.
Step 5. Save the changes. Now, Magento 2 will hide prices unless the user is logged in.

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