How to automate email marketing in Magento 2?

According to the Hubspot survey, 99% of shoppers check their email inbox every day. So it’s no wonder that email marketing has one of the biggest ROI from marketing tools - around 3,800%. Let’s see what tools can help you improve email marketing for your Magento 2 store.

1. Email templates

Magento 2 has numerous pre-made email templates that are grouped into 12 categories:

  • Magento_Checkout
  • Magento_Contact
  • Magento_Customer
  • Magento_Directory
  • Magento_Email
  • Magento_Newsletter
  • Magento_ProductAlert
  • Magento_Sales
  • Magento_SendFriend
  • Magento_Sitemap
  • Magento_User
  • Magento_Wishlist

Also, you can create your custom template or edit native. More info about how you can manage Magento 2 email templates in our blog post.

2. Follow Up Email

Another option for how you can automate your email marketing is to use triggered emails. Say, your visitor created an account in your Magento 2 store. You can send them a welcome email with a special bonus for newbies. As a result, you will increase your conversion rate.

For this, you can use the Amasty Follow Up Email extension. It allows you to create and send emails according to different triggers, such as:

  • Order statuses;
  • Wishlists;
  • Previous orders;
  • Customer activity, and more.

With this extension, you can create a schedule for automatic emails sending.

3. Abandoned Cart Email

The global cart abandonment rate is around 70%. To return your customers and increase your sales, use the Abandoned Cart Email plugin.

Note: Learn more about the reasons for cart abandonment and how you can decrease this rate.

This extension lets you send notifications to customers who left your store without completing a purchase. You can offer a special discount with an automatic coupon generator and create personalized templates. Set up a schedule and send emails automatically via cron.

4. SMTP Email Settings 

And last but not least tool is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. In Magento 2 email marketing is important not only to create a valuable offer and interesting text but also to make sure that your newsletters will be delivered to customers. SMTP settings extension reduces the chance of your message getting into spam. It sends emails from 12 verified hostings:

  • Gmail;
  • Hotmail;
  • AOL Mail;
  • Yahoo;
  • Comcast;
  • O2 Mail;
  • Office365;
  • Orange;
  • Outlook;
  • GMX;
  • Zoho.

Also, with this extension, you can use debug mode to test your emails and log all the sent emails.

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