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How to fix the problem with the order grid not updating?

To fix the sales order grid not updating problem in Magento 2, you can configure scheduled grid updates.

The advantages of scheduling these tasks are to avoid storing locks and reduce processing time. If this is enabled, then updates only happen during a scheduled job by cron. Set the launch to once a minute for best results. You can use our Cron Scheduler extension which simplifies the order management process allowing you to monitor and manage the entire process directly from the admin panel.

To enable scheduled grid updates and reindexing, follow these steps:

Step 1. Log in to the admin panel and click Stores on the sidebar.

Step 2. Choose Configuration in the Settings tab.

Step 3. Open the Advanced section on the left panel and  click Developer.

Step 4. Navigate to the Grid Settings section.

Step 5. In the Asynchronous Indexing field, set Enable

Step 6. When ready, save the changes.

After that, clear the cache and check if the information on the order grid has been updated.

To improve the workflow with the Order Grid, you can use our Extended Order Grid extension. The extension will reduce the time spent on order processing and provide you with the following functionality: 

  • sort data using customizable filters;

  • create alternative grid views and save them for quick access;

  • remove standard columns from the grid;

  • display prices before taxing to match your business strategy; 

  • check payment and shipment details right on the order grid;  

  • export orders with information from the grid for sales analysis.

This is only part of the extension's functionality. To see the full set of functions, visit the product page.

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