How to implement reCaptcha v3 in Magento 2?

ReCaptcha is used to prevent access to the site of spam programs. It is an automatic test, simple for a person but difficult for a program to pass.

There are two options of reCaptcha available to implement into Magento: v2 and v3.

Method 1 - Vanilla Magento Settings:

Step 1. Generate Google reCAPTCHA keys. You can find how to do this here.

Step 2. Log into your Magento store Admin UI.

Step 3. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration and choose Default Config of the Store View.

Step 4. Open the Security tab and click Google reCAPTCHA Admin Panel.

Step 5. To enable reCaptcha v3, expand the invisible section of reCAPTCHA v3.

Step 6. Define the Google API Website and Secret Keys.

Step 7. After that, specify the Minimum Score Threshold to determine the time before user interaction is flagged as a potential risk.

Step 8. Select the Invisible Badge Position, the Theme of the window, and the Language Code.

Step 9. Come up with a reCAPTCHA Validation Failure Message.

Step 10. Go to the Admin Panel section.

Step 11. Now, go to the left panel under Security, choose Google reCAPTCHA Storefront, and complete this section.

Step 12. After that, choose the Storefront section.

Step 13. Uncheck the Use system value for each storefront location that you want to enable.

Step 14. Set each storefront location field to the reCAPTCHA type that you configured to use.

Step 15. Save config and flush each invalid cache in Cache Management.

Method 2 - Google Invisible reCaptcha by Amasty:

You can use our Magento 2 Google Invisible reCaptcha extension to implement this tool easier and faster. You can choose which version suits you best, but it's worth noting that v2 is less secure than v3.

Follow these steps to add reCaptcha to your Magento 2 store:

Step 1. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Amasty extensions > Google Invisible Captcha and open General Settings.

Step 2. Enable invisible captcha by choosing Yes in the dropdown.

Step 3. Enable Invisible Captcha for Guests Only setting is optional. If you want captcha to be shown only for guest users, choose Yes in the dropdown.

Step 4. Add IPs into the IP Whitelist so that captcha will not be shown for these IP addresses.

Step 5. To enable reCaptcha v3, you need to choose the Version 3 option in the Captcha Version field.

Step 6. After that, define the Site Key and Secret Key. You can get them on the Google Admin panel.

Step 7. Specify the Captcha Version 3 Score.

Step 8. Write the Error Message to appear if a bot is detected.

Step 9. Determine the reCaptcha Language, or leave this line blank for Google to determine the language itself.

Step 10. After that, specify the Theme of Captcha Badge. You can choose among several themes.

Step 11. The last thing is to define the Position for Captcha Badge.

What is Magento 2 Google reCaptcha v3?

Magento 2 Google reCaptcha v3 is the tool that helps you protect the store from spam and bots. It uses smart algorithms to analyze user behavior on the website and distinguish human beings from robots. So users will be disturbed with the need to enter the Captcha less often.

Read the user guide to get more information on module settings and other extension features.

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