How to integrate Magento with Google Shopping ads channel?

What is Google Shopping feed?

The Google Shopping feed is an e-commerce store feed in Google Shopping that helps increase sales and improve marketing effectiveness. Product data fields in Google Shopping and Magento 2 are fully compatible, so you can apply these fields to product data to create a Product Feed.

How to Integrate Magento with Google Shopping ads channel?

The Magento 2 does not support product feed generation, so you can use third-party solutions to integrate Magento with Google Shopping ads channel. One of such solutions is the Google Shopping Feed for Magento 2. Here’s what you need to do to configure the Google Merchant center feed with this extension:

Step 1. Navigate to Catalog > Feeds section > click the Setup Google Feed button

Step 2. Set up general options: enter the name of your Magento 2 Google Shopping feed, choose status, currency, store view. Specify what product types you want to exclude.

product feed settings

Step 3. Choose what categories you want to include.

Step 4. Match Magento 2 category names with Google Merchant Center requirements.

Step 5. Define basic product information the plugin should use for Google Shopping feed by choosing corresponding Magento 2 attributes.

Step 6. Configure optional product information.

Step 7. Specify how often this feed should be updated.

Step 8. Set up auto-upload of the feed to the server.

google product feed configuration

Refer to the User's Guide for more detailed information.  

Google Shoppping is not the only available integration. The extension also allows you to generate product feeds to promote your products on Amazon,, Magento Bing Shopping, and Facebook. 

What makes Google Product feed effective?

Google Product feed is a good way to boost your store's efficiency. How? Google Shopping is a popular platform used by thousands of shoppers around the world, which helps bring additional customers to your store. 

How to adjust Magento 2 feed for Google Merchant Center requirements?

When you create a new Magento 2 feed, you need to align it with Google Merchant Center requirements, which means you need to rename the categories according to the Google taxonomy source.

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