How to make Magento search relevant?

Sometimes it happens that you get great traffic flow but low conversions. Around 37% of visitors will leave your site if your navigation system offers a poor user experience or if your Magento 2 search results are not relevant, and they can’t find what they need. So you need to improve search and navigation tools in your Magento. Here are 4 tools that can help you with this task.

Flexible search

Search is one of the most in-demand functions in e-stores. The statistics explain why you need to improve Magento 2 search results:

  • In 10-30% of cases, visitors will use search during the site session.
  • Sessions with the usage of search tools on e-commerce websites have a 2-4x higher conversion rate than others.
  • Up to 60% of transactions come from sessions with the site search.

But at the same time, US shoppers mention that they still have problems with using site search:

  • 28% of users complaining about irrelevant search results;
  • 24% of visitors can’t find what they are looking for;
  • 18% of shoppers mention that search doesn't recognize the words they use;
  • 12% of buyers facing too long loading of the search results;
  • 10% of responders complain about bad interface and UX.

So as you can see, providing your customers with flexible searches can improve your revenue.

To make your search result always relevant, enable Elastic Search in your Magento 2. This extension has a multilingual search and supports 18 languages including Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. The plugin can make suggestions, correct spelling, and differ singular and plural forms. Also, you can create a synonyms dictionary for your store search and add weight to product attributes to improve Magento search results and make them more precise. Analyze customer searches and engagement to prevent dead stock. With this data, your Magento search results will never be not relevant.

Note: Learn more about Magento 2 Elasticsearch configuration.

Improved navigation

The most important point is navigation in your Magento store. Amasty Improved Layered Navigation allows you to create user-friendly navigation with sliders, widgets, and AJAX filtering. You can design vertical and horizontal menu, let your customers choose multiple values of the same filter, create dependent filters, allow your visitors to filter by brand. Moreover, this extension is SEO-friendly: you can customize metadata and URLs for filtering results. Also, the module has 3 packs: lite, pro navigation and shop by brand, so you can choose the one that suits your business needs right now.

For even more filtering options, you can enable the Product Parts Finder extension. It allows your customers to find needed parts and components, according to the model, year of issue, or any additional options. With this plugin, you can display product finder on home and category pages, enable multiple choice of filters, and customize filter display.

Advanced sorting

After your customers have applied filters, they must get well-organized search results. Let your potential customers see the bestsellers or newest products in your store. Improved Sorting allows you to configure the most performing sorting order by showing out-of-stock products last. Of course, you can change the Magento search results template at any moment you need.

So how to improve Magento 2 search?

Magento 2 improve search issue is a common problem faced by Magento users. To solve this problem, you should start providing your customers with flexible searches, implement improved navigation to make it user-friendly, and provide good sorting so that the user can get well-organized search results.

Also, you can try our Advanced Search extension.

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