How to monetize my checkout?

With cart abandonment rate ranging from about 70% for 3 years in a row, e-retailers wonder what to do to boost conversion rate and tackle the cart abandonment reasons. We offer some tips below that will help you monetize your checkout and make it more effective.

Simplify your checkout

About a fourth of potential buyers leave the store due to a complex checkout process involving multiple forms. You can null this problem with our mobile-friendly One Step Checkout for Magento 2.


As you can see, you can fit all the necessary fields onto a single page. You also give your shoppers full control over the order.

All of the above simplifies user experience that in its turn improves conversion rate. Besides, creating this checkout doesn’t require any tech knowledge; you can do it using drag-and-drop functionality. Reorder and rename blocks and fields, create a custom design, let your customers create an account right on the checkout, and use this info for future orders.

Offer extra services

To increase your average check right on the checkout, you can offer additional services at an extra charge, for example, gift wrapping or VIP delivery. Amasty Extra Fee extension allows you to add an unlimited number of extra fees. You can configure fees according to customer’s payment or shipping methods, store view, customer group, or any other conditions. Set percent or fixed price for your services and choose how the fee should be calculated including taxes, shipping, and discounts or not. Also, you can apply fees to orders from the admin panel and set the default value.

Increase repeat purchases with custom thank you page

Another option for how you can increase your revenue is repeated purchases with the success page. Amasty Thank You Page allows you to offer cross-sells and related products. Or you can give your customers a coupon code for the next purchases and enable newsletter subscription to retain more clients.

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