How to set Magento 2 configurable product price?

A configurable product in Magento 2 is the most popular product types. However, those who have switched to the second version from Magento 1 might have noticed that many settings were updated including configurable products price. In Magento 1 you were able to get associated products of grouped product using the code but things changed in Magento 2.
To see all the backend updates, read Magento 2 Admin Panel Tutorial.

Magento 2 configurable product price range

Here we will consider the latest updates that differ the versions and the basic price settings for configurable products in Magento 2.

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Configurable product price calculation in Magento 2 

When you created a configurable product in Magento 1 you knew the price you set for the parent product will be assigned to all the associated (in Magento 2 they use Configurations instead of Associated products) products. So, the simple product prices were completely ignored.
For this reason, Magento 1 users have to specify price mark-ups for super attributes (configurable values: color, size, etc.) to show an associated product costs more/less.
In Magento 2 the super configurable attribute price came to an end. See for yourself.

→ Learn how to create a configurable product in Magento 2 from the official guide.

How to add Magento 2 configurable product price?

All has changed in Magento 2. After you create Magento 2 configurable product, it doesn’t calculate price mark-ups coming from a simple product super attribute. Now configurable Magento product price is ignored and the simple product price is taken into consideration. In so doing, each child product has its price, which is shown on the frontend when a customer chooses one of the drop-down options of a configurable product.
To set Magento 2 configurable product price:

  • Log in to the Admin Panel, go to Products>Catalog, preselect the needed Magento 2 configurable product from existing simple products or press Create New Attribute to get a new one.. Once it’s set up, click the Add Configurations (if a configurable is just created) or Edit Configurations option. You need to set up the Bulk images & Price step:


  • When you add simple product configurations to a configurable Magento 2 product, you can choose one of the 3 available price options:

Apply single price to all SKUs;
Apply unique prices by attribute to each SKU;
Skip price at this time:


  • If you decide to apply unique prices by attribute to each SKU, choose the needed attribute:


  • Then set the price for each attribute value:


  • Go to the Next Step and complete the settings, click the Save button and clear the cache. You will see all the child products have their own price:


The child product price settings are editable after the saving. 

How to set Magento 2 configurable products advanced pricing?

You can choose either of the simple products configured before and go to the Advanced Pricing settings:


Please note, you can’t edit the advanced price settings for a configurable product once it’s saved. They can be specified only while creating a new configurable product:


You can set up a Magento 2 special price for a configurable product, tier price, change the global cost and choose where to display the price:


Normal price for configurable products

Remember that you can’t edit normal price of configurable products. The same price will be assigned to the children products in case they have no price values. E.g.: if you set $30 to a configurable product and you don’t give the children products a special price, they will cost $30 by default. If you decide to change the configurable product normal price, all the child product prices will be changed as well. 

Normal price for configurations

You can assign a unique price for each child product. For this, you need to set the normal price for the children products.
If you set the normal price for all the children products individually, the lowest price will be displayed on the product page. However, when any of the simple products is added to a cart, it will be displayed with the price set up for this very child product.

Special price for configurable products

If you need in magento 2 to get the lowest price of configurable product, then you need to take the following info into consideration: The special price can be assigned only to a newly-added configurable product. The special price will be also applied to all the children products if they don’t have a unique price. Just the same thing as with normal price.

If the associated products have their normal prices, the special price of the configurable product will be shown on the frontend. In this, the configurable product price will be displayed only in case it’s lower than all the normal prices of the children items. But the child (simple) product added to a cart will be assigned the same special price of the configurable one if it’s lower than the simple product normal price.

Special price for configurations

All the children products can be assigned a unique special price. The lowest Magento 2 configurable product special price will be displayed on the product page. When adding the products to a cart, the special price for children items is shown. 

Tier price for Magento 2 configurable products

The tier price can be set for a configurable product only when creating a new one. The price value is also applied to the children products if they are not provided with their own tier price.
Besides, the tier price of the configurable product will be displayed on the product page in case it is lower in value than the normal prices of the configurations. What’s more, the tier price of the parent product will be calculated for children ones if their normal price is higher than the tier price.

Tier price for configurations

A tier price can be set up for each child product. The tier prices for the configurations won’t be displayed on the frontend (product pages). However, when adding the children items to a shopping cart, the tier price will be indicated. 

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