How to test your Magento 2 website?

Testing is one of the most important things that you should do before launching your Magento 2 store. So here is a short guide on how to test every page of your Magento 2 website.


First of all, you need to check the design on your website. Go to each page and make sure that all elements are placed according to the design layout. Also, you can make the Pixel Perfect test.

Links and buttons

Next, check all the links and buttons that you have on each page: logo link, header links, footer links, etc. Make sure that they are clickable and lead to the needed page. For buttons, you need to ensure that hover effects are working correctly.


Then test all your buttons. Try to enable and disable them, change or remove an image, change the text. Don’t forget to check the links.


Now, go to the search bar and test the following points:

  • the search button;
  • input validation;
  • search logic.

Header and navigation

If you use a sticky header, make sure that all the elements are displayed correctly when you scroll the page. Try to add a new category and sub-category, show and hide categories, set up a long category name. Go to a category page, and review the sorting logic, change the number of products shown on a page, test your filters.

Cart and checkout

Try to proceed with the checkout. Start from testing mini-cart. Add and remove a product, change the quantity of the product, apply and remove coupon code.

Next, move to the checkout page. Test billing and shipping address forms, try to choose different shipping and payment methods. Review the thank you page.

Registration and user account

Open the My Account dropdown, and try to log in, log out and create a new account via the registration form. Check all the account pages and forms, change the password or other customers’ data like shipping and billing addresses. Try to print the order and make reordering of the recently ordered goods. Test wishlist logic.

Featured/New/Sale/Bestsellers blocks

Try to show and hide this block, check the logic according to which products are displayed in this block. Try to interact with these products: go to the product page, add to cart, etc.


Check all the forms you have: newsletter subscription, contact us, reviews, and others.

Testing in different browsers and devices

Test your Magento 2 website display in different browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge. Check how it looks on IOS and Android devices, small and large screens.

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