Magento partnership with Amasty: what options do we offer?

Here at Amasty, we are always looking for new Magento business partners. And to make the partnership beneficial for both sides, we offer 3 partner programs for Magento extension vendors, agencies, and influencers.

Amasty Partner Program

You will get priority support, custom offers, access to early testing, and joined marketing efforts. Moreover, depending on the level you choose you’ll get from 15% to 30% of discount. Different partnership levels include diverse exclusive benefits you can get. This cooperation may be the most interesting for software or development agencies and other Magento solution partners.

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Reseller Partner Program

If you are a Magento extension vendor, this partnership program may be the most beneficial for you as a Magento implementation partner. It allows you to create additional selling channels for your extensions by placing them on our website. Thus, you can make your products more noticeable on SERP, reduce marketing and support costs. As your Magento implementation partner, we’ll provide your products with a separate product page, make search engine optimization and other marketing activities, and offer non-technical support.

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Amasty Affiliate Program

The affiliate program allows Magento bloggers, webmasters, and other influencers to monetize their traffic. They get from 10% to 20% commission for sales traffic they lead to our website. We also provide everything you may need to start with this program: banners, referral buttons, or advice.

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