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What is the difference between Magento order status and order state?

See more details on Order Status page
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The notions “order state” and “order status” are usually mixed up since their names and functions are quite similar.

An order state is a position of an order in the curent processing flow. Magento has the following pre-defines order states:

  • New
  • Pending Payment
  • Processing
  • Complete
  • Closed
  • Canceled
  • On Hold
  • Payment Review

 Each Magento order state can have one or more order statuses assigned to it. This makes processing easier and helps to add some flexibility to order.

 For example, a “Pending Payment” order state can have the following order statuses:

  • Pending Payment Paypal
  • Pending Payment Card
  • Pending Payment Store Credit
  • and the like.

 Magento provides a number of order statuses out-of-the-box but to make order management simpler you can create custom order statuses. For this:

  • go to the Admin Panel>System>Order Statuses;
  • click the ‘Create New Status’ button;
  • fill in all the necessary information in the ‘New Order Status’ page;
  • click ‘Save Status’;
  • assign a recently created  status to a particular Magento order state.

Besides, you can avail of our Magento Order Status extension. With the use of the module, you will manage to: 

  • Change orders status notifications automatically or manually;
  • Assign a unique email template to each status;
  • Sort orders by statuses, etc.

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→ Learn how to create custom order status and assign it to the order state in Magento 2 from the official documentation.

See more details on Order Status page
User Guide
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