What is the difference between Conditions and Actions?

If you want to create a promo with the help of Special Promotions extension, you should quite understand the difference between 'Actions' and 'Conditions'.

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So, what are 'Conditions' and 'Actions'?

'Conditions' define in which case your promo will be applied. 'Actions' determine what benefits a customer will get if he fulfill the promo conditions. Let's look at example:

Conditions and Actions in Magento

To set up 'Actions' and 'Conditions', please, open

Admin Panel/Promotions/Shopping Cart Price Rules/


The screenshot below shows how to configure 'Conditions' for the promo.

Conditions settings in Magento

As you can see on the screenshot, to specify 'total quantity' you need to choose 'Products subselection'.

The next picture demonstrates how to set up 'Actions' for the above considered example.

Actions settings in Magento

In the 'Apply' field you can specify any of the numerous promo rules according to your goals, such as 'Percent of product price discount', 'All products after N for fixed price', 'Percent discount for product set', 'Fixed amount discount' and many others.

Combining Conditions and Actions you can create a large number of different promos for various marketing campaigns. If you want to run the campaigns smoothly in your Magento, the user activity log extension will help to control all the settings made by admin users in the backend. 

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