How to completely uninstall the extension?

Quite a few users run into problems with deleting Magento extensions.  All you need is to follow the pain-free guide:

Turn attention to installation method in use

There are at least 3 main ways:

  • Manually via archive file;
  • Magento Connect Manager via key from Connect/Marketplace;
  • Magento Connect Manager via archive file.

The way you’ve downloaded and installed the extension predetermines the method of its uninstallation (either manual or via Magento Connect Manager). 

How to remove Magento extension manually?

Step 1: The module should be disabled in this file:


<active>true</active> is to be changed for <active>false</active>;

Step 2: In case there is any dependent MySQL table, remove them;

Step 3: Then remove the config record for the module you want to delete from the core_recourse table in the database;

Step 4: Cut out the <project_root>/var/cache folder;

Step 5: Refresh the home page of the website. The extension has been successfully removed now!

How to remove Magento extension via Magento Connect Manager?

Step 1: Log in to your Magento Registration Panel:

uninstall extension step 1

Step 2: Choose Magento Connect Manager:

uninstall extension step 2

Step 3: You need to find and choose ‘Uninstall’ from the dropdown menu of a required module and then click ‘Commit Changes’:

uninstall extension step 3


The module has been well uninstalled!


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