How to print a packing slip in Magento 2?

Is it possible to print the packing slip before shipping in Magento 2?

Default Magento 2 does not allow you to print a packing slip before shipping without using third-party solutions. The Mass Order Actions extension will provide an opportunity to send invoices, submit shipments and edit tracking numbers right from the grid. Follow the instructions below to make it from the order grid.

To print Magento packing slips from the order grid, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Sales > Orders.

Step 2. Tick all the necessary orders (orders should be shipped):

print slip orders

Step 3. Choose the Print Packing Slips action from the Actions dropdown:

print slip actions

Step 4. Print the PDF that was downloaded to your computer. The download will start automatically. Moreover, you can customize PDF files with the help of our PDF Customizer extension.

In addition, this extension will help make order processing more user-friendly with the following features:

  • auto applying status to the corresponding action
  • sending the tracking info to the customers right from the grid
  • creating and sending invoices on a grid
  • one-click order shipping
  • a selectable list of available setting
  • importing tracking numbers.

If you want to import a number order, then you need to do the following steps:

Step 1. Navigate to System > Import Tracking Numbers.

Step 2. After checking the status of the orders (it should be set to Shipped) change the Import Behavior dropdown option to Add/Update or Delete to efface the previous data.

Step 3. Point out the file which consists of the tracking numbers and click the Check Data button. The import process will start.

Check the user guide to find more about the extension settings.

Read our blog post on how to create unique PDF invoices (and not only) without any coding knowledge.

And use our Extended Order Grid for Magento 2 extension to expand the order grid functionality for your business needs by adding custom columns and filters.

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