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Improved Layered Navigation
I see no brand logo at the product page. How do I fix this?
If you don't see the brand logo on the product page when using the Improved Layered Navigation please make sure: 1) Magento attribute "manufacturer" has property `Visible on Product View Page on Front-end` set to "Yes"2) The module filter "Manufacturer...
I see no checkboxes. How do I fix this?
If you are using Improved Layered Navigation and see no checkboxes, please add the extension's CSS to your styles file (see the installation instructions in your extension package). Also you need to copy the images from here: skin/frontend/base/default...
I want to hide category description when some filter is applied.

To hide category description, enter a relevant condition to the file. See the example in a complete answer.

I want to use 2-column page template on shopby and brand pages
To show the products in 2 columns please do the following: 1) open file app/design/frontend/YOUR-PACKAGE/YOUR-THEME/layout/amasty/amshopby.xml 2) add lines<reference name="root"><action method="setTemplate"><template>page/2columns...
I'm using AJAX mode and would like to allow BACK browser button
Not needed since Improved navigation 2.5.8. version. To solve this issue in Improved Layered Navigation extension, please open the file js\amasty\amshopby\amshopby-ajax.js and change line var amshopby_use_hash = false; with var amshopby_use_hash...
Is AJAX scroll compatible with custom themes?

Usually, the extension is compatible with the majority of custom themes right out of the box and doesn't require any additional tweaking.

But in case there are any issues, our support specialists will eliminate them for free.

Is it possible to control indexation of pages with filtered results?

Yes, since our Improved Magento Layered Navigation is SEO friendly, you can choose whether a page with applied filters should be indexed by Google or not. If you don't want the URL with filter parameters to be indexed, just enable "Robots Noindex tag". If you want to create landing pages for popular filters with meta data and short URL, please, proceed to the full answer.

Is it possible to hide a price attribute from the Layered Navigation?

Yes, it is a native Magento feature and it is supported by our Improved Layered Navigation. Just choose whether to display price attribute in Layered Navigation. See the full answer to get step-by-step instructions.

Is the functionality to expand/collapse filters available with your Improved Layered Navigation extension?

The expand/collapse functionality for the filters should be provided from the theme's side. Our extension does not make the filters expandable out of the box.

Is there any way of having a scrollbar or search bar for an attribute section?

Yes, if you have a lot of attributes, our Improved navigation extension allows choosing an appropriate view of attribute values: a search bar (1), a scroll bar (2) and/or a show more/less option (3). Here is an example: 

Magento Improved Layered Navigation - Amasty

My theme hover effect, image zoom or quick view does not work after AJAX filtering
This is because the theme has some custom JavaScript code for these events. Please ask the theme developer to add this code inside the function amshopby_external() in the file js\amasty\amshopby\amshopby-ajax.js  
Search bots (Google, Yandex, Yahoo and others) use too much traffic.
This problem occurs because search bots index all possible filter combinations. Solution:  You can disable filter parameters indexation by specifying "Robots NoFollow Tag", "Robots NoIndex Tag" and "Rel NoFollow" in Catalog > Navigation > ...
Some attributes are not displayed in the Filters List (Catalog > Navigation > Filters).
If particular attribites are not displayed in Filters list, these attributes are not enabled for Layered Navigation. Solution:  Toenable a particular attribute you want to use in Layered Navigation, please go to: Catalog->Attributes->...
What types of attributes in Magento can we use in layered navigation?

If you want the attribute to be filterable in layered navigation it must be created with dropdown, multiselect, price or visual swatch input types.

Why are my out-of-stock simple products treated as in stock in Improved Layered Navigation?

This behavior is a peculiarity of Magento default indexing. It summarizes information on all the simple products and assigns it to the configurable products.

However, we added the setting to Improved Layered Navigation v 2.17.0 to allow you to change it. To exclude out-of-stock configurable options from navigation, update the extension to the latest version and go to Stores > Configuration > Improved Layered Navigation > General. Then set the Exclude 'Out of Stock' Configurable Options from Navigation field to Yes and Save.

Will the URL setting 'Long with URL key' for Magento 1 work when I migrate to Magento 2?

While switching your website to a new version of the platform you need to take into account the Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2 has the different logic of the URL building. See all the details in a complete answer.  

You cannot define a correlation name '*_idx' more than once
Not needed since Improved navigation 2.5.1. version. If you are using Improved Layered Navigation and get this message, it means that the category page has two blocks of the navigation in the left column. Please open your catalog layout app\design\...
Zero (0) quantities are shown for categories when they are displayed as a static 2-level tree.
1. Please make sure that 'Is Anchor' option for the root category of your store is set to 'Yes' (Catalog -> Manage Categories -> Root category -> Display Settings tab) 2. Reindex data. Go to System -> Index Management, select all indices...
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