How to optimize my store administration?

It’s important to create an uninterrupted workflow in your Magento store to keep your customers satisfied. That means that all your products must be updated, orders processed and shipped, and all complaints should be answered timely. You can achieve this goal by optimizing the store administration. Here are 5 tools that can automate and speed up managers’ work.

Configure handy grids

Extended Product Grid with Editor is an extension that allows you to customize the native Magento product grid with additional functionality. You can replace columns with a drag-and-drop tool and specify a grid view for each admin. Add or hide any columns you need: product attribute; related, cross-sell, and up-sell products; categories; the quantity of sold items, and others. Also with this module, you can edit product information right on the product grid.

Extended Order Grid lets you modify the default Magento order grid with custom columns, filters, and mass actions. You can save templates of the order grid view and use them for different needs. Also, you can hide unnecessary columns or orders with specific statuses.

Manage products in bulk

Mass Product Actions plugin allows you to manage the catalog in a few clicks, even if you have thousands of goods. Delete, change prices, statuses, assign to a new category, delete or copy images, replace texts, link the products, and more actions are available in this plugin.

Sort products in the category

To reach your marketing goals, you can customize products sorting on category pages with Visual Merchandiser extension. Manage products order with drag-and-drop or use one of the built-in sorting rules. Also, with this extension, you can set or import conditions to show only the needed group of products.

Manage returns and refunds

RMA extension allows you not only retain more customers but also manage the refund process faster. Managers will be able to split orders, create requests, and send tracking links, to the customer, answer in the chat with templates and quick responses. All the requests that need admins attention will be gathered in one grid, and closed questions will be automatically archived.

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