Magento 2 ERP system

What is e-commerce ERP?

ERP is an Enterprise resource planning business platform, which integrates product planning, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and stores the information in a single database.
Simply put, the system presents an optimal Magento ERP solution for business control problems where a responsible employee receives relevant information (notifications, insights, etc.) at the proper time for making an informed decision.
ERP Magento allows for managing different business processes like products distribution process; supply system; knowledge base; human resources, payroll, and others. The system permits handling each and every inner process to boost revenue in an easier way. There are numerous ERP platforms like SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver, PDM/PLM-systems, Notes/Domino, etc.
As soon as the top-priority resource for any store is its inventory, you need to optimize stock management to boost your Magento embedded ERP. Magento ERP integration system can serve the reduction of administrative and operational costs, as well as improvement of business productivity. Embedded ERP Magento connector allows for buying/selling goods and doing away with human-touch mistakes. Here are 4 basic extensions for Magento 2 store, which are to assist your administration users and help to solve the basic management issues.

Basic extensions for Magento 2 Enterprise Resource Planning

Inventory Management

The Multi Warehouse Inventory for Magento 2 extension is an advanced inventory management tool for merchants who conduct multiple warehouses. With the use of the module, you’ll manage your stock items efficiently:

  • Set particular warehouses for specific store views and customer groups;
  • Use a handy Manage Stock grid to restock warehouses; edit the quantity of any particular product;
  • Enable and set up the backorder functionality for any warehouse;
  • Divide orders into several shipments to deliver them separately and calculate the cost based on warehouses location;
  • Arrange all the inventory into three stock levels: Physical Quantity, Quantity to ship, Available Quantity;
  • Set warehouse priority based on available product quantity;
  • Use the smart algorithm of warehouse selection coming from its priority, location, store view (where the order was placed), customer group;
  • Define custom shipping methods and calculate shipping costs;
  • Receive low stock reports and manage returned items in a simple way;
  • Import/export all the necessary stock data.


Product Management

The Extended Product Grid with Editor extension adds a set of supplementary features to your basic product grid functionality. It gives such opportunities as:

  • additional product attributes;
  • the ability to edit product data right on the grid;
  • a possibility to create a custom product grid template;
  • products filtering by categories;
  • a chance to change product availability based on its quantity, etc.


Order Management

The Extended Order Grid for Magento 2 extension is the Magento best ERP management tool for smaller and larger businesses. The extension will allow you to increase order grid functionality and supply you with such usability improvements as:

  • Filtering orders by weight, subtotal, discount amount, etc.;
  • Looking for orders using such information as customer groups, phone numbers, emails, shipping, payment methods and other data;
  • Using product thumbnail images on the grid for their faster sorting;
  • Removing definite default columns from the grid.


Pre Orders/Backorders Management

The Pre Order extension for Magento 2 allows customer to pre-order or backorder products that are unavailable at the moment. Analyze customers’ demand by allowing them to pre-order out of stock or upcoming items. Make your store order management easier and more efficient using the option for different types of products: simple, configurable, grouped or bundle. Create custom pre-order buttons and supply them with special notes.


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