Magento order statuses: How to change, create new or assign an order status?

Below, we'll consider Magento 2 order statuses and how to change them up to complete status.

Telling the difference between an order state and status:

Since the notions and their roles are very similar, they are ‘about and about’ for many average Magento users. 

An order state is a position of an ordered product in the flow or, in other words, a queue position. Magento 1 is supplied with such preselected states as:


Each of the states can be provided with one or more statuses and supplied with Magento order comment


The statuses make the order processing more responsive for merchants and convenient for customers.

E.g. 5 statuses for 1 state:

Pending payment


  • pending payment PayPal;
  • pending payment Card;
  • pending payment Bitcoin;
  • pending payment Store Credit;
  • Gift Card.


How to check in Magento 2, change the status of orders/create new or update order status?

  • An order status can be checked through the Admin Panel selecting -> Sales -> Orders


  • Magento changes order statuses, for example from pending to processing, based on the actions of your admins like creating invoices or shipping the order.
  • To create a new Magento Order Status you need to go to ->System->Order Statuses:


  • Choose ‘Create New Status’ (e.g.: status complete can be required to be changed or created for a state):  


Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ button, once everything is done.

  • To assign/unassign an order status from a state, go to System->Order Statuses Step2. Choose ‘Assign Status to State’:


  • Then click the desired Order Status and State. Save the changes by choosing ‘Save Status Assignment’.
  • A reverse process (unassignment) is impossible in case the status is used on your eStore right now.
  • Having entered the System->Order Statuses Step2, choose the ‘Unassign’ option where it’s needed:


Some of the order statuses are provided by Magento out-of-the-box, but for a more customized approach you can look here or send us a custom development request

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