Top 5 free extensions for Magento 2 [Part 1]


Magento 2 is a free open-source platform, but it is often said to be expensive because 3rd-party themes and extensions with additional features can be pretty pricey. Today we’ll debunk this myth with 5 free modules you can use to extend your Magento 2 without spending a dollar.

Magento 2 Mega Menu - free extension

Let’s start with the key feature of any store - the navigation. Mega Menu is a must for stores with a large number of categories and subcategories.

Short overview

mega menu comparison

Ibnab offers basic Mega Menu functionality for free.

This extension allows you to create organized navigation without any coding skills. It has the following features:

  • full page mega menu
  • background images
  • custom menu items
  • responsive design for mobile devices
  • customizable styles for each category
  • hamburger-style menu
  • category labels

You can download all these features for free and install the Mega Menu extension to your Magento.

But if you are ready to pay for richer functionality, we can offer you an extension with additional features. Our Mega Menu plugin has similar functionality, but in addition to the features described above, it includes:

product reviews

brands dropdown

  • free pack of promo visuals
  • sticky menu.

Moreover, you can purchase the PWA add-on for this module to improve the mobile shopping experience.

Magento 2 Infinite Scroll – free extension

The Infinite Scroll is another navigation feature that makes your store user-friendlier for visitors. There are both free and paid options of extensions that include this functionality.

Short overview

infinite scroll

Free extension by Sparsh Technologies is available on Magento Marketplace. It uploads products on a catalog page automatically via AJAX and includes the most basic functionality like:

  • the message at the end of the product list
  • customizable loading text content
  • loading image
  • delay time for scroll down

Moreover, this extension supports multiple stores and comes with free lifetime support and updates.

If you search for more advanced features, take a look at our Infinite Scroll extension. It comes with all the features of its free analog and offers:

  • customizable back-to-top button
  • page numbers in the upper-left corner for simple navigation:

infinite scroll

  • possibility to share links to certain positions with friends
  • responsive design.

Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed – free extension

If you want to expand your sales channels, you’ll need an extension that generates product feeds in the XML to upload them to Google Shopping or any other CSE for sale.

Short overview

 google shopping feed comparison

BeezUp is not just a free plugin you can download at Magento Marketplace, it is a solution that connects different marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. It has different pricing plans, but you can get its basic features for free. The module can generate different product feeds based on the exporting product type, attributes, out-of-stock items, and so on. Besides feed generation, it also includes:

  • global and specific order synchronization
  • manual and automatic order status modification

The main difference of our Product Feed extension is that it has a 7-step wizard for Google and Facebook sales channels. So it’s much easier to create a product feed for these marketplaces and pass the verification.

Moreover, you will be able to add condition-based attributes and modifiers. Also, you can preview your feed and see the number of products before launching the generation process. For a faster generation, this extension can create archives in ZIP, BZ, or GZ.

Magento 2 Poduct Image Zoom – free extension

Image Zoom is a feature that can help your prospects look closer to product details, check the fabric quality, and almost touch it through the screen. But as this feature is pretty small, it is often included in bigger extensions that improve your product page. And since such products often differ in purposes, it’s hard to compare them. To make it fair, we’ll compare the zoom-related features only.

Short overview

product image zoom overview

Ktree Zoom extension has paid and free versions for Magento 2. The free plugin includes the most basic features only. It has one type of zoom (Window), and you can set up mouse-over action.

And if these features are not enough for you, check our Color Swatches Pro plugin. Keep in mind that the main purpose of this plugin is slightly different, but it includes zoom functionality. It has 3 types of zoom:

  • inner:

inner zoom

  • outside:

outside zoom

  • and lens:

lens zoom

Therefore, unlike the free extension, you can test different product zooms and choose the most suitable for your Magento 2.

Magento 2 One Page Checkout – free extension

Statistically, up to 26% of users will leave your store without completing the purchase because of too long and complicated checkout. To reduce this number, merchants implement one-page checkout.

Short overview

one page checkout overview

IWD Agency offers a free One-Step Checkout extension for Magento 2. Their suite supports multi-step and one-page layouts of the checkout page, so you can choose the most suitable option. This extension has an easy-to-customize and responsive design. Moreover, this is a cloud-based solution thus, it will prevent issues provoked by added load during the peak season. Also, you can turn this extension off and switch to default Magento 2 checkout in one click.

Our One Step Checkout has 2 mobile-friendly themes and 5 different layouts. All the steps of the checkout are on one page:

one step checkout

You can customize fields name and location, delete unnecessary fields and add custom ones. Moreover, there are several tools that can make the checkout even faster. For example, Google auto-suggestion of the address allows your registered customers to save some field values.

In the end, we want to remind you that the choice is yours. And, as you can see, you can create a working Magento 2 store without spending a dollar.

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