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For more details see the AJAX Reviews extension page.

AJAX Reviews

A full-fledged tool for reviews management. It allows customers to leave reviews in a convenient AJAX popup window without the full page reload. Customize feedback form and its elements to your needs. Also, it's possible to send follow-up emails to motivate shoppers to write more reviews.

  • Possibility to write reviews without page reloading
  • Highly customizable review window
  • Responsive triggered emails to customers
  • Admin notifications of pending reviews
  • Ability to share customer reviews

The flexibility of the backend options will help you to tailor the reviews block style to your store design. The content of the dialog windows and the color of rating stars are also customizable. In this guide, you will find the detailed description of all extension options and the examples of admin and customer emails.

General Settings

To get the access to the 'AJAX Reviews' settings please go to: System → Configuration → AJAX Reviews

The page contains six sections:

1) Display mode - select where the reviews will be displayed in the frontend:

Disabled - reviews won't be displayed in the frontend.

Additional Product Info - reviews will be displayed under the tabs with additional information.

Custom Place - reviews will be inserted into a custom place.

Standart Place - reviews will be shown in the ‘Reviews’ tab.

This option works only with Magento versions starting from CE and EE

2) Reviews per Page - define the number of reviews displayed on a product page.

3) Enable Sorting (enabled by default) - select 'Yes' if you want to allow customers to sort reviews.

4) Available Sorting Types - select which types of sorting will be available on the frontend.

{{ :magento_1:ajax_reviews:ajax-reviews-sorting.png.png?nolink |

5) Enable Sharing (enabled by default) - select 'Yes' to allow customers to share reviews in social networks.

6) Enable Voting (enabled by default) - select 'Yes' to allow customers vote for reviews.

7) Add to Reviews the Markup - if you enable this option, product rating will be displayed in Google and Bing search results.

To display rich snippets in Google search results, you may install the free Rich Snippets extension and enable it.

Style settings

1) Show Icon (Enabled by Default) - select 'Yes' to display icons near reviews.

2) Icon Display Mode - choose a type of the displayed icon:

Gravatar Image - if a customer is registered in Gravatar, the icon will contain a customer’s image from this service. Otherwise, a default icon will be displayed instead.

Gravatar is a service for providing globally unique avatars. A user uploads the image on the Gravatar service once and it appears automatically when the user posts a comment on a blog post or a product review.

First Name Letter - the icon contains the first letter of the customer nickname.

Gravatar and Letter (default) - if a customer has a gravatar, it will be used for the icon. If not - the icon will contain the first nickname letter.

3) Default Customer Icon - choose a default image for customer's avatar. It'll be used in case a customer doesn’t use Gravatar service.

4) Rounded Design (Enabled by Default) - select 'Yes' to display round icons.

5) Rating Figure - choose either hearts or stars as the rating system items.

To display rating in the frontend, make sure that you have specified rating parameters (quality, price, etc.).

Go to the Catalog → Reviews and Ratings → Manage Ratings backend page. Click the “Add new rating” button and add the parameters that customers should rate.

6) Rating Stars Color - choose the color of the rating stars.

7) Uppercase Text - select 'Yes' and all letters in the feedback form will be capital.

8)Label for First Review - you can specify your own label text that will be displayed on the button for the first review.

"How to write an awesome review?" Dialog

In this dialog, you write recommendations how to write an informative review. Present your tips as separate points for more convenience.

1) Enable (enabled by default) - select 'Yes' to display a dialog link in the AJAX window:

2) Title - specify the dialog title.

3) Message Text - we've added a default text but you can alter it or add some new points.

4) Button Label - specify the button title on the dialog window:

"Thank You" Dialog

This dialog appears when a customer clicks the 'Submit' button on the review form. Depending on whether the review is positive or negative, a raised thumb is displayed in the dialog window.

The options in this option field are the same as in the “How to write an awesome review?” dialog.

The dialog frontend view:

If a review is negative, there is no image in the dialog window:

"Need to purchase" Dialog

Notification of Pending Review

In this section, you can manage email notifications that will be sent to admin.

1) Email Sender - сhoose an email address from which notifications will be sent.

2) Email Receiver - specify email(s) to which notifications of pending reviews will be sent. You can approve or reject them right in the email form. Don't forget to separate several emails by commas.

3) Email Template - choose a template of the notification email or use ours.

Mail After Purchase

This section allows you to customize the options of notification emails. They remind to leave a review in a few days after the order is completed.

1) Send Email - select 'Yes' if you want to send notifications to customers.

2) Email Sender - сhoose an email address from which notifications will be sent.

3) Email Template - choose a template of the notification email.

4) Order Statuses - select one or several order statuses that will trigger the emails to be sent.

5) Days after Purchase - define the number of days after which the notification will be sent to a customer.

6) Days Interval between Emails - specify the interval between notifications if a customer ordered more than one product.

7) Send Emails for One Item from Different Orders - a customer will receive only one email after purchase, if he/she purchased one product several times.

Mails after Purchase Management

To manage customer emails, go to the Catalog → Reviews and Ratings → AJAX Reviews → Mails after Purchase.

On this page, you can manage notifications and specify the message to your customers, for example, ask them to leave a review for a purchased item. The extension allows admins to control notifications and cancel them if it’s necessary. A notification to leave a review appears when the order gets the status that was selected in the 'Order Statuses' page.

To manage a notification, select an action from the 'Actions' dropdown list.

Email Preview in the Backend

Before sending an email after purchase, you can preview it right in the backend. Just click the email you want to see and it appears on the screen:

Send Test Copy

Before sending emails to customers, you can send a test copy to your own address and check how it looks.

Select the Send Test Copy action and enter an email address in the appeared field:

Click the 'Submit' button and check your email box. After clicking the 'Review This Item', you will be redirected to the AJAX feedback form in your store.

When a customer is redirected to the form, he is logged in automatically and the “Nickname“ field is already filled.

Mails for Existing Orders

AJAX Reviews allows you to send emails after purchase to customers who had purchased before the extension was installed. It will allow you to receive more reviews of your products.

Click 'Mails for existing orders'.

You can see a slider where you need to define a period of the last purchases to specify a list of customers for emails dispatch. For example, if you define a 3-month period, emails will be sent only to customers who ordered a product during the last three months from the current moment. The minimal period is 1 month, the maximum – 1 year.

You can see a slider where you need to define a period of the last purchases to specify a list of customers for letters dispatch.

The 'Orders' filed displays the number of orders with the same status as defined in the 'Mail after Purchase' page.

If you select the 'Complete' status in the 'Mail after Purchase' section, the 'Orders' field shows orders for the period you’ve defined for sending emails.

The 'Items' field displays the general quantity of products from all orders that can be reviewed.

The 'Mails Count' field shows how many emails a customer will receive.

Emails are sent according to the following rules:

1) If there is no more letter for the same order in the queue.

2) If a customer purchases one product several times, he'll receive only one email.

3) A sending date is determined according to the module settings. For example, you set a 10-day interval for emails dispatch in the 'Mail after purchase' section on the configuration page. If you have an order that was completed 2 days ago, an email will be sent in 8 days according to the extension settings.

4) If a product was deleted from the store catalog, an email wouldn't be sent.

The last step is to click 'Send mails' button.

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