Guide for Extended Product Grid with Editor for Magento 2

Get the advanced product grid in your Magento 2 store: add columns, edit data right in the cells, and even manage the product inventory in one handy extension. Moreover, you can create templates to save the desired grid layouts and switch between them according to your needs. Also, the module provides flexible settings to utilize its potential in the most convenient way.

  • Edit product data right on the grid
  • Activate additional product attributes
  • Add product grid templates
  • Manage product inventory by adding or deducting items
  • Customize filters to easily find information

General Settings

To configure general extension settings please go to Stores → Configuration → Product Grid

In the General Settings section you will find three options to configure. They are:

  • Editing Mode;
  • Additional Grid Columns;
  • Quantity Based Availability.

Now, let's find out their functionality.

Editing Mode — allows you to choose how you will edit the product grid:

  • Single Cell — saves your modifications for each cell independently;
  • Multi Cell — lets you configure multiple cells and then save them in a bulk.

Products Qty — specify the number of related products, up-sells, cross-sells to be displayed on the grid.

Qty Sold From — specify the date to count the 'Qty Sold' from.

Qty Sold To — specify the date to count the 'Qty Sold' to.

Qty Sold Orders — select order statuses to include orders in the 'Qty Sold' column.

Quantity Based Availability — set to 'Yes' to change the product availability to 'In Stock' when quantity is positive or set to 'No' to mark products as 'Out-of-Stock' when quantity is zero or negative.

After configuring the extension's general settings we can proceed to the product grid.

Custom Columns Selection

Navigate to your product grid that is located in Products → Catalog. From here you can customize the set of columns to use on the product grid.

  • Click the Columns button to open the dropdown menu and configure columns;
  • Select the Default tab;
  • Tick the default columns that should be displayed;
  • Hit the Save button.

Moreover, you can add custom columns to the product grid.

  • Select the Extra tab;
  • Tick the columns that you want to display;
  • Hit the Save button.

Also, in this dropdown menu you can make columns editable right from the grid. Tick columns under the Edit text. Hit the Save button to proceed.

Editable columns will be marked with the special icon with a notepad.

You can drag-and-drop columns by holding their titles with a pointer and moving them left or right.

Additional Product Attributes

With the module, you can add extra product attributes to the grid.

  • Click the Columns button to open the dropdown menu and configure columns;
  • Select the Attribute tab;
  • Tick attributes that should be displayed;
  • Hit the Save button.

In the same dropdown menu you can tick columns and attributes to be available for filters. Flag them under the Filter text. Hit the Save button to proceed.

Moreover, you can make any product attribute accessible from the Attribute tab of the Columns menu.

Please go to Stores → Product and choose an attribute you want to add to the grid. Then, in the Properties tab expand the Advanced Attribute Properties section. Here you need to enable the Add to Column option. Also, to make an attribute available for filtering enable the Use in Filter option.

Custom Filters

Hit the Filters button to configure and apply custom filters. From this menu you will have the access to custom attributes that you enabled on the previous steps. Press the Apply Filters button to activate the configured terms.

Creating and Managing Templates

When you finished configuring the grid's columns, product attributes, and filters, you can save the current stat of the grid as a template.

  • Hit the Default View button;
  • Choose the Save View As option to create a template;
  • Then, you can switch between the created templates from this menu.

Editing Product Information on the Grid

Using the Extended Product Grid with Editor for Magento 2 extension you can modify products data right on the grid. See previous steps to make columns editable.

You can edit data in columns that are marked with a special symbol. Just click the required cell to edit data. Make changes in all cells and hit the Save Edits button to apply changes. Note, that the module verifies the data you filled in. Data in the unsuitable formats will not be saved and you will be notified and asked to fill the field in correctly.

When you use the ‘Single cell’ editing mode please click any spot outside the field to save the data.

Inventory Management

You are able to modify product quantity on the grid:

  • Make the appropriate column editable;
  • Specify the desired value to increase or decrease quantity;
  • Alternatively, you can add or deduct product quantity;
  • The extension will make the required calculations;
  • Save changes.

The extension allows you to add quick product frontend links to check all the changes right in the store and product pages.

To add frontend links do the following:

  • Click the Columns button;
  • Navigate to the Extra tab;
  • Flag the Front End Product Link column;
  • Hit the Save button.

Now, you will have direct product links on the grid.

Find out how to install the Extended Product Grid with Editor extension for Magento 2 via Composer.

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